Taqua (News - Alert) LLC’s small cell core and NLOS wireless backhaul solutions were showcased at the Mobile World Congress (News - Alert) last week in Barcelona, Spain. Taqua provides macro network features and tasks to the indoor users of small cell through its small cell convergence core. Taqua also offers the outdoor small cell market with its non-line-of-sight or NLOS wireless backhaul.

Operators often face problems with network capacity due to the rising use of smartphones and other data-consuming mobile devices in both, the customer and enterprise markets. These network capacity challenges can now be resolved by utilizing small cell implementations as the primary solution. Operators will also be able to tackle their data off-load necessities, and in-building coverage problems with the small cell implementations.

Small cell sites also known as picocells will be offered flexible, high capacity backhaul by the Taqua W-Series NLOS Wireless Backhaul System. A normal Ethernet connection will be used to join every small cell site to the Taqua Remote Module. A Taqua Hub Module, which can be situated at a macro site or at any place with connectivity, will comprise of a maximum of four Remote Modules connected through a public NLOS wireless link.

The TCS6100 Convergence (News - Alert) Server, a SIP-based mobile convergence application server, is the basis of Taqua's Small Cell Core and can incorporate existing mobile core elements like the HLR, SMSC, and MSC (News - Alert). Users of small cell will be offered macro network features and functions along with delivering flawless femto to macro handoff by the TCS6100. Mobile operators can implement latest small cell solutions without disturbing existing systems and practices as the TCS6100 uses the current network elements advantageously. Combined service plans across small cells and macro networks can be deployed by operators, thereby offering a reliable user experience.

The T7100 Multimedia Controller and the T7000 Intelligent Switching System with mobile interface cards and with Acme Packet’s (News - Alert) integrated session border controller and security gateway are also included in Taqua's small cell core network.

Taqua offers revolutionary fixed and mobile convergence switching, IP peering, backhaul systems, and other improved applications.  

Edited by Stefanie Mosca