ANADIGICS Inc., a company offering integrated radio frequency (RF) solutions to OEMs and ODMs looking to optimize the performance of wireless, broadband and cable applications across all major networks and standards, recently rolled out a small-cell power amplifier called AWB7129.

Backed by the company’s patented InGaP-Plus technology and unique design architectures, the new AWB7129 amplifier claims to offer best-in-class efficiency, linearity and thermal characteristics.

According to the company, AWB7129 is a highly linear, fully matched, power amplifier module designed for picocell, femtocell and customer premises equipment (CPE) applications. It is particularly designed for LTE (News - Alert), WCDMA and HSDPA air interfaces operating in the 925 MHz to 960 MHz band.

The AWB7129 delivers up to +24.5 dBm of LTE (E-TM1.1) power with an ACPR of -47 dBc.

In addition, this new amplifier operates from a convenient +4.2 V supply and provides 30 dB of gain. Company officials pointed out that this level of performance helps manufacturers to develop infrastructure solutions that consume less power, provide higher throughput and greater coverage, and are more thermally efficient.

"Mobile data use is rapidly rising as users transition from feature phones to smartphones, and attachment rates of 3G / 4G functionality to tablets, notebooks and gaming devices increase," said Glenn Eswein, director of product marketing for infrastructure products at ANADIGICS.

Eswein said the cost-effective, high-performance small-cell base stations, such as picocells and femtocells, are designed to help carriers meet this growing demand for wireless data, especially in dense geographic locations and campus environments – and ANADIGICS' small-cell power amplifiers are optimized for these applications by enabling manufacturers to develop wireless infrastructure solutions with exceptional throughput and range to deliver a world-class user experience.

The new AWB7129 small-cell PA is available in a self-contained 7 mm x 7 mm x 1.3 mm surface mountable package that incorporates RF matching networks optimized for output power, efficiency and linearity in a 50 Ω system.

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Edited by Braden Becker