The Outdoor Small Cell Mobile Backhaul Equipment Market Outlook is a recent report that shows the growth and future growth possibilities of small cell backhaul market. There are eight separate categories of outdoor small cell backhaul. These categories are three sets of fiber, copper and DSL wire line, with five sets of point-to-point, non line-of-sight, point-to-multipoint, microwave and millimeter wave wireless.

The outdoor small cell backhaul units and equipments were traced to create the report so that it can show a clear and accurate prediction, thereby helping the market research firm Infonetics (News - Alert) Report present a thorough report about the sector.

"The equipment market for outdoor small cell backhaul is very fast growing. It has huge possibilities and showing great results,” said Michael Howard (News - Alert), cofounder and carrier networks analyst of the Infonetics report. “Our report is concentrated on this equipment market to provide a clear idea about how the market is experiencing a growth. The residential femtocells, in-building and outdoor, and Wi-Fi hotspots is working best with small cells, which is the main reason of the opportunities seen for the future. The improvement of technology is not only caused by the use of small cells, but the use of small cells is improving because of it too."

"We have worked with backhaul equipment vendors, mobile operators, chipset manufacturers, and small cell vendors for over two years,” he added. “Our survey has gone through these two years to create the best report, which can clear the entire idea about the current state of the market. We can now predict the future growth and current size of the market with accuracy. As per the predictions, there will be a spending of $5 billion in the market over the next four to five years. The real growth will be seen in next two years, and the investment may get bigger, depending on how the market reacts to the growth."

Richard Webb is Infonetics' directing analyst of mobile offload and microwave. He is also the co-author of the report. According to Webb, "the backhaul outdoor small cells equipments are to be significantly improved in very near future. The vendors use modern equipments, which are mainly the point to point, non line to sight, point to multipoint, microwave and millimeter wave wireless and wire line equipments. The real improvement will be seen by 2016, and the vendors are really inclining on millimeter wave for small cell backhaul."

This statement clearly states that he has high hopes for the use of the modern and more efficient pieces of equipment to better the state of the market.

The mall cell backhaul has a high impact on the backhaul transport technology and mobile operators. This is why they’re always in need for more powerful tools for improvements to their services. As reported by the Infonetics Report, the use of outdoor small cell backhaul connections will grow.

The Infonetics Report has strengthened the hopes of small cells equipments vendors and mobile connection operators. 

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Edited by Braden Becker