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May 24, 2012 Explains the Role of Tablets in Education

By Kayvon Ghoreshi, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Last year Apple (News - Alert) had a big push into education. They introduced textbooks for the iPad and showed off the new interactive features that are offered with the tablet as opposed to a traditional textbook. Everything from animations, to videos, to being able to save and organize notes as you read was offered in the tablet version of the textbooks.

With that push there have been wide adoptions of tablets among educators as well as parents who are letting their kids interact with tablets. To put some of this into perspective, recently put together an infographic to show the relationship between children and their usage of mobile devices, and it reveals some interesting statistics. In 2011, 70 percent of children had used an iPad or other tablet device. Even more surprising is the overwhelming support from parents. Generally parents tend to prefer their children limit interactions with technology, especially at a young age. However, 77 percent of parents feel that the tablet is beneficial for their child, and 77 percent see it as a way to boost their child’s creativity... Read More

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