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Many companies are aware of the benefits of telematics, but there is still an assumption that these types of solutions are only suited for large companies. But with the advent of the cloud, telematics solutions are now a viable option for businesses of all sizes, as cloud-based solutions can help save both money and hassles for even the smallest of fleets.

The software products that power an IUID implementation must allow the company to create UID and RFID labels, define and capture item unique data, track and update item status throughout its full lifecycle, and integrate with enterprise systems. A2B Tracking provides software solutions that do just that, as a major player in IUID and RFID software development.

Ever seen the movie Christine based off of the best-selling Stephen King novel? Toyota is now making us think that sentient vehicles are the norm, as it is now testing intelligent cars that can stop and go to avoid accidents, park themselves independently or distance themselves from pedestrians to ensure their safety. It's no longer a far-fetched idea as depicted in on the big-screen, but a reality.

People spend billions of dollars every year to protect their loved ones. Whether they are buying driving lessons for their teenagers, medical treatments for their grandparents or the latest safety gadgets for the furry members of the family, Americans put safety and security at the forefront of their buying decisions. That's why Securus GPS decided to focus on M2M solutions that can help ensure the safety of every member of your family, even your beloved puppy.

While Sprint's third quarter 2012 financial results show a diluted loss per share, there are many positive numbers in its report that indicate that the wireless provider is headed in the right direction.

Armstrong Richardson, an agricultural merchant and horse and pet food wholesaler, decided to introduce telematics to provide instant access to the locations and routes of its vehicles. Richardson was most impressed with CMS SupaTrak, after seeing a number of telematics companies at commercial vehicle shows.

ThingWorx recently announced that Libelium's Waspmote Plug & Sense! sensor platform has cleared compatibility testing with the ThingWorx platform. The ThingWorx platform has been developed as an application development platform capable of minimizing the effort that goes into building M2M solutions and sensor applications for the emerging connected world.

FreeWave Technologies will showcase its leading wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) industrial networking solutions at an upcoming event.

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