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It's no secret that fuel costs are rising, and companies are looking for ways to cut down on their fuel bills. Some are putting hybrid or electric vehicles in their fleets and others are taking advantage of telematics technology to provide them with data to help decrease fuel consumption or both. But for companies that wish to implement both of these strategies, things have always been a bit tricky. Now, however, a Geotab has developed a truly plug-and-play telematics solution.

MiX Telematics will showcase proven fleet management solutions for oil and gas industry at the Kuwait International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition (KIPCE), from 10 to 12 December. The company will use the event to illustrate the safety and efficiency benefits that result when implementing an effective fleet management system. KIPCE is co-organised by the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and Kuwait University. MiX Telematics can be visited at Stand C15 at the Hilton Kuwait Resort.

New Haven, CT - the Elm City - is known for a few things: Yale University, the birthplace of the Hamburger (Louie's Lunch), and the best pizza in the world. But soon, it may also be known as the headquarters of MEA Mobile, an embedded M2M solutions company that wants to enable hardware connections to mobile platforms in a way that seems like the future is now.

These days, people are accustomed to touchscreens. We have them on our phones, our tablets, and we are used to touching, swiping, pinching and all of that. So it was only a matter of time before a company decided to create a platform to power applications on large-screen public touch displays. That company is Spot Labs, and its goal is to bridge on and off line experiences.

We live in an integrated world. Capabilities that were once split between your Walkman, your car phone, your Canon (News - Alert) and your Gameboy are now available in one small, handheld package. Now we have devices that are computers and televisions and entire libraries of books all in one package; we expect all of our technology to be integrated, and our cars are no exception to that desire.

In addition to supporting fast Internet connections with crisp picture and voice quality, 3G/4G cellular connections have fostered seamless implementations of machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions in solving day-to-day problems. SkyBitz, a global remote asset tracking and information management applications provider, has announced the new Falcon Series GXT100.

In science fiction, there are several standards for future technology. One is video conferencing, as people in the future always seem to call one another on screens rather than phones. Another is 3D technology. We get the impression that entertainment - and communications - in the future will be in three dimensions. Well, we all know that video communications are here, but what about that promised 3D technology? You know, the kind without the glasses? Fortunately, there are companies like REACH3D that specialize in no-glasses 3D technology, and are bringing it to the masses.

Thanks to RoveTec's new Infinite-Range Wireless Cell Phone Network Intercom series, businesses and individuals alike will be able to stop missing visitors and deliveries. Infinite-Range users cellphone service to transmit calls from visitors at remote gates and locked entrances to cell phones and landlines, offering them the opportunity to answer it from anywhere in the world.

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