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June 06, 2012

Alpha Technologies Exhibits New Products Supporting Emerging Network Architectures

Alpha Technologies Ltd. has shown off some new products that support emerging network topologies. Included are larger systems for switching centers and rectifiers that reduce energy consumption.

"Wireline network architectures are undergoing some fundamental changes," Mike Burkhalter, vice president of U.S. Telecom Sales for Alpha, said in a statement carried by TMCnet. “In wireline Central Offices, routers, servers and other data-centric devices concentrate power consumption and heat generation in equipment aisles, causing carriers to reconsider the best way to power and cool the devices. Alpha's new power systems revolutionize bulk power as well as distributed power topologies in the CO. An additional application of the new system is a stand-alone rectifier bay that is an ideal replacement for older Ferroresonant rectifiers, providing an immediate reduction in energy consumption and operating expenses.” 

“We are continuing to improve rectifier efficiency in our power conversion products, with our new 2.4kW rectifier achieving greater than 96 percent efficiency," he said.

One of the products, the CXPS-D 48-5000, is a compact, high-capacity, high- efficiency power system that lets service providers locate a power plant near connected equipment. A single bay provides up to 2,500 Amps.

Another product is the CXPS-C 48-10000, a next-generation, centralized DC power plant. The system offers as much as 4,000 Amps in a single rectifier bay, and provides as much as 10,000 Amps in a multi-bay... Read More

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