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Too often, IVR technology is not used properly, which almost always leads to a poor customer experience. When will this cycle end? Perhaps even more frightening of a question is if it ever will.

Cloud telephony startup, KooKoo, is looking to extend its reach for increased customer satisfaction and overall experience, having recently revealed that its IVR solution can now support 10 Indian languages.

While science fiction enthusiasts have been waiting for our personal jet packs and food synthesizers for years, in the meantime, another one of our wishes may come true; we may soon have a virtual personal assistant who isn't limited to our phone (hello - or should we say goodbye - Siri!)

While technology may be making our lives easier, there is evidence that it's also making us stupid…or at the least, very lazy. (Don't even try to deny those days you've spent completely on social media or getting sucked into a spiraling string of YouTube videos).

When it comes to communications firms, one of the top priorities possible is to become what's known as a RespOrg, or a Responsible Organization, with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). There are slew of important benefits involved in becoming a RespOrg, and a lot of potential to do damage as one, so it's worth looking at further to see what these organizations are as well as what they can do. Having recently gained status as a RespOrg, IVR expert Plum Voice offered a bit of commentary on the RespOrg concept in a blog.

When Facebook branched out its messaging capabilities into a separate mobile app from the standard one, it was pretty obvious the company was making a play for the mobile communications market. It makes a lot of sense, too, when considering that mobile has been pointed out as a weak source of revenue for the social media giant since its IPO last year.

Bell Lawyers, a major law firm in Western Sydney, has chosen BigHand Voice Productivity technology. The most up-to-date technology from BigHand is responsible for the considerable boost in document output at Bell Lawyers.

Integrating speech recognition software in today's call center environment is optimal for not only customers seeking personalized self-service interactions, but also for the center hoping to reduce its reliance on agents to handle live calls. This has been something call centers have been trying to find a healthy balance between for years, and now, physicians are getting on board by increasingly recognizing the benefits this technology can provide, especially when coupled with IVR.

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