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August 03, 2012

Apple and Samsung - How Did They Do This Week, Legally Speaking?

Those among us who aren’t mobile insiders or who don’t otherwise care about such things as where mobile device parts come from or even what parts mobile devices are actually made of – which represents most of the civilized mobile world, may not know that Samsung supplies Apple with a lot of internal mobile parts including mobile processors.

The inter-relationships between hardware OEMs and their suppliers is often a very interesting one for those of us who pay attention to these sorts of things. But we are beginning to wonder of the current extremely high profile patent infringement case Apple and Samsung are now waging may begin to bring such esoteric industry relationships (esoteric in the sense that the general public would otherwise not even know about them) out into the open for a far larger audience. We know there are at least 16 folks who probably didn’t know that do now and at least 12 of them will be rendering a verdict in the lawsuit.

Would it make a difference to anyone’s likely future buying habits to know of these relationships? Probably not, but we do wonder. In any case, it has crossed our minds about how it may affect the buying patterns of the jurors... Read More


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