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Secure Information Exchange in an Unsecured World

Ask a group of office workers how they would send a file securely from one person to another (with the recipient being able to easily receive and view the file), and the likelihood is that they will not know how to accomplish that task. With current federal and state mandated compliance regulations, and additional concerns about protecting personal privacy, it is becoming increasingly important to send information, data, and files securely. It is not uncommon practice today for many companies to send confidential or sensitive information, files, and data across a medium that is insecure namely email, FTP, and the Web technologies that were not designed to address security or robust reporting requirements. Worse still, even with the proper technology and tools in place, complexity and lack of proper training can render those tools useless. Businesses and consumers alike realize the need to adopt and embrace easily understandable and usable technologies that minimize the threat of accidental exposure of sensitive information.

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February 20, 2013

Whitehouse Petition to Make Mobile Phone Unlocking Legal

The Wired magazine reports that San Francisco-based entrepreneur Sina Khanifar has started a petition to force the Obama administration to legalize mobile phone unlocking. The petition coined, is seeking 100,000 signatures by Saturday to compel the administration to respond to a recent decision by copyright regulators which makes it illegal to unlock mobile phones purchased after January 26. By Tuesday afternoon, there were some 81,000 signatures that are being supported by tech luminaries.

Khanifar told Wired Reporter David Kravets that “the decision to remove the exemption for unlocking phones is bad for consumers, and it’s up to our elected officials to help defend consumer rights.” The U.S Copyright Office ended the practice of granting an unlocking exemption to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) four months ago.

As per this report, the DMCA makes it illegal to go around the software embedded in phones that effectively controls carrier access. However, the report indicates that not much will change with consumers despite the act... Read More

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