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Consumers have a lot of options when it comes to surfing the net, communicating via e-mail and chat, shopping online and streaming entertainment these days. Most homes have personal computers, laptops and netbooks. A growing majority of Americans carry smartphones. More and more people carry Wi-Fi or 3G and 4G tablets. So one device is as good as another when it comes to carrying out our personal and work-related business over the Internet, right? Not really, as it turns out.
It was almost abundantly clear how valuable mobile shopping was for the 2012 holiday shopping season. With some reports suggesting that roughly every other shopper made some kind of mobile purchase over the season, and others saying four out of five will use it to at least help, it's clear that there are plenty of gains to be realized on this concept. But, as is ever the question with anything new, the how of it all will prove elusive for some.
While most of us have become quite comfortable with e-commerce - the number of retailers begging us to come into their physical stores instead of shopping only on their websites is a testament to this - fewer of us have fully embraced what's known as "m-commerce."
When it comes to the holiday shopping season, it always seems like there's at least one new trend afoot. Whether it's a must-have toy item or just a new way of doing things, the combination of big shopping and opportunity has a way of changing systems as we know them.

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