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The bigger your network becomes, the more amount of threats that could potentially reap disastrous effects to your corporation become present. At a time in history where it is unlikely you can read through a newspaper without reading about some recent incident of a cyber attack, key tools such as network packet brokers are vital to empowering businesses all over the world to take back control over their infrastructure once and for all

NAKIVO, Inc. released NAKIVO Backup & Replication v1.0 for commercial use. The organization has also announced compatibility with the user-friendly, affordable offsite cloud storage for VM backups, Dropbox.

Endace, a provider of intelligent network recording and visibility infrastructure, stated that with its new 100G Ethernet capable network visibility headend -- the EndaceAccess 100 -- one can monitor and troubleshoot 100G networks with standard 10G tools.

Redline Trading Solutions recently announced that its InRush 3 Accelerated Ticker Plant and Execution Gateway has cleared a STAC tick-to-trade performance assessment, thereby establishing its capability in substantially reducing latency. Redline Trading Solutions is a specialist provider of ultra-low latency, smart order routing and automated trading solutions.

A network packet broker is a solution used to improve network intelligence optimization that drives the overall increased use of analytics, security and WAN acceleration tools. When deployed strategically across the network, this solution allows for much more economical tool investment, effective performance, and an insightful monitoring infrastructure to keep up with rapidly growing network traffic.

Earlier this week, a leader in simplifying wireless and site solutions for private and public networks, PCTEL, Inc., announced the next-generation drive test tool for its innovative Clarify Interference Management System, the Clarify NGx.

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