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TMCNet:  Work Life Champions [Working Mother]

[December 24, 2013]

Work Life Champions [Working Mother]

(Working Mother Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) Family-friendly benefits and flexible cultures are the norm at the Working Mother 100 Best Companies. Translation: Parent employees get home in time for dinner, working moms get to the C-Suite and paid maternity leave is a given.

A.T. Kearney Chicago, IL Chairman & manaGinG PartnEr Johan Aurik GlObal hr lEad & PartnEr Phil Morgan Talented women have a bright future at this management consulting firm. It carefully evaluates their professional growth and developmental needs at every performance review and presents promising consultants with leadership opportunities to help them advance-offered through the women's network, human resources and the director of diversity and inclusion. In a new program, senior executives sponsor women and detail the steps that will move them closer to promotion; high performers may be eligible for a fully paid MBA from Columbia, Harvard or other top universities. Parents like the firm's flexible schedules, subsidized backup care and 10 to 16 weeks of fully paid maternity leave.

Accenture New York, NY CEO Pierre Nanterme ChiEf hr OffiCEr Jill Smart Moms can build solid careers at this management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, where an initiative for incoming executives explains the culture and helps them expand their networks. Its Women's Employee Resource Group also hosts events that generate connections, with a virtual branch serving 500+ women who flex, travel or work remotely. Senior female managing directors assist the company's leadership in realizing its goals around the representation, retention, promotion and professional development of women. Caregivers appreciate the employer's maternity leave coaching, free elder care consultations, profit-sharing plan and 401(k) (with match).

Abbott Abbott Park, IL Chairman & CEO Miles D. White ExECutivE vP, hr Stephen Fussell With shorter commutes, less stress and more quality time, it's easy to see why employees of this health care company rave about alternative work schedules. In a video series created for its FlexNetwork affinity group, they inform (and reassure) others who are interested in such options, and it's clear the message is getting through: In 2012, 97% of workers here adjusted their hours, while 60% telecommuted and 8% compressed their weeks (those in manufacturing and production occasionally trade shifts). Earlier this year, the company split into two entities (Abbott and AbbVie), but its perks (including $10,000 in adoption aid and $50,000 in IVF or fertility coverage) remain intact.

Allstate Insurance Northbrook, IL Chairman, PrEsidEnt & CEO Thomas Wilson ExECutivE vP & ChiEf administrativE OffiCEr Jim DeVries For a mental and physical tune-up, employees of this financial services and insurance company can visit a new wellness center at headquarters, opened in January 2012, which boasts a staffof nine, encompasses a medical clinic, pharmacy and lab and offers free lifestyle-coaching services. (Another clinic has opened at the company's second-largest office, in Irving, TX.) In several locations, employees are able to recharge in private relaxation rooms; across the company, 25% have taken part in 1.5-day Energy for Life workshops, which help them align their priorities with the way they use their time. Everyone receives 20 to 35 days of paid time offper year (plus eight holidays).

American Express New York, NY Chairman & CEO Kenneth Chenault ExECutivE vP, GlObal hr Kevin Cox To help with the millions of tasks parents face every day, this financial services company provides free, unlimited access to work life personal assistants who can locate reputable child care centers, contractors, lawyers, tutors and more. For professional guidance, there are 16 employee networks, including new ones for virtual workers, women in technology and millennials; online educational sessions and discussions comfort those caring for elder parents or relatives with special needs. Innovative programs for families dealing with autism, diabetes, cancer and migraines outline treatment options and/or connect them with nurses and experts; free private counseling is also available.

AOL New York, NY Chairman & CEO Timothy Armstrong ChiEf PEOPlE OffiCEr John Reid-Dodick Pregnancy regimens, school volunteering issues, college tuition worries...the Parents Group meetings at this Web services company sure cover a lot of ground-and with 300+ babies born to employees every year, they're a big hit. Videoconferences and webinars led by parenting coach Hazel Osborn further plumb complex subjects, from bullying and gifted children to picking the right summer camp and proper scheduling of afterschool activities. Moms are grateful for the company's ubiquitous lactation rooms, backup dependent care and expansive parenting programs and leaves (used by 15% of the population annually). In 2012, more than 26% of employees worked from home full-time.

AstraZeneca Wilmington, DE nOrth amEriCa ExECutivE vP Paul Hudson vP, hr & COrPOratE affairs Laura Mably This pharmaceutical company values a healthy workforce and promotes solutions that keep its people fit. It not only offers free nutrition counseling, wellness coaching and medical screenings but also maintains health clinics at all locations, which charge nothing for preventive services, primary/urgent care and treatment of occupational health issues. Employees at 75% of its locations can take spin, yoga, Pilates or other exercise classes at on-site fitness centers (for a nominal fee); local gyms offer corporate subsidies and discounts. Anyone working 18.75 hours per week is eligible for medical insurance; completing risk assessments or joining wellness programs lowers the premiums.

Bank of America Charlotte, NC CEO Brian Moynihan GlObal hEad Of hr Andrea Smith People facing special circumstances have an ally in this bank, which just introduced nationwide backup care (cost: $15 to $25 per day). Workers whose children have a pervasive developmental disorder can consult dedicated advocates for information on the diagnosis and guidance on doctors and care providers. Those who want to adopt can get in touch with relevant organizations and specialists and utilize an $8,000 benefit (plus 12 fully paid weeks off). And those in financial need can apply for emergency loans and grants, down-payment and mortgage assistance and caregiver reimbursements. For military spouses and dependents, there is a support group and customized jobs program.

Baptist Health South Florida Coral Gables, FL PrEsidEnt & CEO Brian E. Keeley COrPOratE vP & ChiEf hr OffiCEr Corey Heller Families are celebrated at this health care network, which offers four on-site child care centers, subsidized backup dependent care and free on-site babysitting in weather emergencies. Mothers build their careers with formal coaching, 2,700+ online courses and development programs for front-line supervisors and senior leaders. If they need to leave for a few years to focus on their kids, their tenure and benefits will be held in place for their return. In 2012, the organization kept layoffs at bay by slashing its own travel expenditures, freezing top salaries and forestalling construction on a new HQ; in their place, it gave employees appreciation bonuses worth up to $1,000.

Arnold & Porter Washington, DC ExECutivE dirECtOr Elizabeth Respess ChiEf hr OffiCEr Janet Robin What would you ask the boss if you could? In 2012, associates at this law firm dialogued with its chairman and managing partner at open forums nationwide, prompting discussions on current policies, the use of flex work and more. And in new "Lit Teams" at HQ, litigation partners and counsel met monthly with circles of 10 to 12 associates to talk about assignments and professional development. During Employee Appreciation Week, staffers here are treated to luncheons, giftcertificates and raffles; those marking major work anniversaries enjoy a special ceremony and extra bonuses. The firm's Healthy Incentive Program awards employees up to $200 for getting regular exercise.

Bain & Co. Boston, MA WOrldWidE manaGinG dirECtOr Bob Bechek PartnEr & ChiEf talEnt OffiCEr Russ Hagey The "Mom to Mom" guide and Bain Moms online discussion board at this management consulting firm are loaded with great tips from employee parents, who explain how they maximize their benefits and juggle home and office duties. Customized career paths allow mothers to go part-time, move into non-client-facing roles, do "externships" and take extended breaks; consultants interested in pursuing MBAs may receive full tuition reimbursement for their degrees (so long as they return to work at the firm). Introduced in 2012, the Involve Every Partner and Manager campaign trains leaders to advocate for women and asks them to commit to actions that spread a message of inclusiveness.

Bayer Wayne, NJ sEniOr bayEr rEPrEsEntativE u.s.a. Phillip Blake COuntry hr/businEss PartnEr u.s.a. Richard Caldera When someone champions your career, it can have a powerful impact. Nearly half of those formally mentored at this health care, materials and nutritional products company are women, and internal research has shown that such relationships are vital to their success. With that in mind, management recently increased peer-coaching groups in the company's larger locations, introduced a version of them for field sales employees and extended mentoring to accommodate a larger pool of female managers, VPs and directors. The new Women's Leadership Initiative in the crop science division adds its own support with abundant development and educational opportunities.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina Durham, NC PrEsidEnt & CEO Brad Wilson sEniOr vP, ChiEf hr OffiCEr Fara Palumbo Getting a great education is its own reward, but this health care insurance company makes it even sweeter with $4,000 in annual tuition aid for employee students, plus paid sabbaticals of up to 10 days for those who get degrees. Formal flexible schedules are used by 30% of the workforce, with the majority working from home or other off-site locations on a weekly basis. Moms with growing families enjoy eight fully paid weeks of maternity leave or four fully paid weeks of adoption leave (with a $3,000 benefit); dads and domestic partners receive two paid weeks off. Prenatal yoga, baby CPR classes and lactation consultants delight moms.

Bon Secours Virginia Richmond, VA CEO Peter Bernard vP, hr Jim Godwin When times are tough, this health care system puts money back in parents' pockets. Helpful offerings include subsidized, affordable child care, generous educational assistance, forgivable $5,000 home loans and emergency grants worth up to $1,000 each. Caregivers may also take advantage of their employer's free parenting classes, support groups, student loan and college application guidance, and 50% discount on nursing and hospice care for elder relatives. Financial experts can provide advice on creating budgets or managing debt, and anyone can drum up extra cash by selling unused days of paid time off. To give back, moms may take eight paid hours offannually to volunteer.

Booz Allen Hamilton McLean, VA Chairman & CEO Ralph W. Shrader sEniOr vP & ChiEf PErsOnnEl OffiCEr Betty Thompson This professional services, management consulting and accounting firm is on a mission to minimize commutes and maximize engagement with its Way We Work initiative. There are currently more than 4,700 staffers working as hotelers, which means they carry mobile equipment (all employees are issued laptops) and can set up shop at whichever office site they prefer, or at home. Hotelers can reserve desks for themselves, collaboration space for team meetings or even office clusters for groups. To further facilitate connections, the chairman and CEO chats directly with staffers live, over the phone or through nationwide viewing rooms at the firm's new Town Hall series.

BDO USA Chicago, IL CEO Wayne Berson ExECutivE dirECtOr, hr & divErsity Chair Hang Bower Whether it's throwing an all-ages Halloween party at the Charlotte, NC, office or hosting a pre-Thanksgiving Day kids' breakfast in San Jose, CA, the Parents Group at this accounting and consulting firm ensures that working moms (and dads) feel welcome. Members gather at in-house meetings and visit online forums to discuss ways to balance family life with travelfilled schedules; when not relying on flexible work options, they tap 16 to 28 days of paid time offper year. To increase their stamina, employees take part in firmwide fitness challenges, use 16 on-site gyms and access free massage therapy and stress-management sessions. A nice bonus? Unlimited tuition aid.

The Boston Consulting Group Boston, MA PrEsidEnt & CEO Rich Lesser GlObal PEOPlE tEam lEad Matt Krentz Life has lots of surprises in store for parents, but those employed by this management consulting firm handle them with aplomb, empowered by its support for telecommuting, unlimited paid personal days, job-guaranteed caregiver leaves that can stretch for up to a year and free backup care (now nationwide as of July 1). To build on their existing strengths, they may try workouts at on-site fitness centers, join any of five employee networks (including those specifically aimed at women and working moms) or attend innovative Take Back Your Life programs that examine priorities and productivity. Partners with five years' tenure earn paid sabbaticals lasting two months.

Bristol-Myers Squibb New York, NY CEO Lamberto Andreotti sEniOr vP, hr Ann Powell-Judge Watching their weight, blood pressure and cholesterol is a snap for moms who visit this biopharmaceutical company's 10 on-site medical offices, attend its three-part series on nutrition, dieting and exercise or dine on healthy meals at its cafeterias. Reproductive health evaluations ensure pregnant and breastfeeding women stay safe in the workplace, and early enrollment in a healthy pregnancy program reduces their annual deductibles by $100. Employees can apply for six formal flex arrangements through a dedicated website; under the Mobile Choice program, they may be reimbursed for tech needed to work off-site. For all else, there are three to six weeks' vacation and 13 holidays.

Cardinal Health Dublin, OH Chairman & CEO George Barrett ChiEf hr OffiCEr Carole Watkins Nursing an infant while holding down a busy job can take its toll, which is why in 2012 this health care system invested $250,000 to upgrade 82 on-site lactation facilities, outfitting them with comfy chairs, refrigerators, sinks, cabinets and phoneconferencing technology to make the return to the office easier. To spend more time with their little ones, employees can adjust or compress their schedules or telework two to five days a week (standard in several departments here); if they need a babysitter, they can call their employer's backup care provider, which will send help to their homes. A new college-coaching program reminds them it's never too early to start planning.

CA Technologies Islandia, NY CEO Michael Gregoire ChiEf hr OffiCEr Guy Di Lella Impressive professional programs draw women to this management software and solutions company, which offers an extensive range of training courses and $5,250 in annual tuition aid. Those who seek flexible schedules find them ubiquitous here; after maternity leave, moms even have the automatic A-OK to reduce their hours by 50% and 25% for the first two weeks back (while earning their usual salaries). For personal, legal and financial advice, they reach out to an employee assistance program, which also provides child care referrals; money savers include a stock purchase plan and domestic partner benefits. Five company networks support parents, women and young professionals.

Capital One McLean, VA Chairman & CEO Richard Fairbank ChiEf hr OffiCEr Jory Berson Moms get inspired at the meetings of this bank's women's network, which can include mentoring sessions with female leaders and speakers on work life balance. While nine diversity councils track the progress of female employees, a pilot program propels high-potential associates, pairing them with sponsors who advocate for their success. In 2012, 49% of those who received management and leadership training here were female; at higher levels, they may be eligible for full tuition reimbursement for executive programs and MBAs or other post-graduate degrees. The bank's Career Development Center offers valuable guidance to workers and their relatives; women were 63% of users last year.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Atlanta, GA PrEsidEnt & CEO Donna Hyland ChiEf administrativE OffiCEr Linda Matzigkeit With three hospitals, 19 outpatient facilities and an autism center, this pediatric health care system keeps employees hopping around the clock. To encourage them to look after themselves, management provides benefits to those who work just 20 hours per week, promotes flextime (65% of the workforce uses it) and offers Care for the Care Provider workshops for the clinical staff. In 2012, employees were also awarded a fully paid week of parental leave, to be taken after a birth or adoption (and added to any short-term disability and/or paid time off). Babies join their parents in Mommy and Me workouts; a new family wellness program provides health, nutrition and fitness coaching.

Chrysler Group Auburn Hills, MI Chairman & CEO Sergio Marchionne sEniOr vP, hr Nancy Rae Medical worries can make it hard to focus on work. Fortunately, this vehicle manufacturer grants employees insurance from day one and discounts their premiums for engaging in healthy behaviors. It also contributes up to $1,000 to the health savings accounts of those with high-deductible plans and maintains health advocates who help salaried workers find top doctors. Free on-site wellness coaching supports those who want to quit smoking, shed pounds, get fit, manage diseases and beat stress. To advance, employees can take advantage of leadership development programs, request up to $6,000 in annual tuition aid or apply for a fully paid Executive MBA at Michigan State University.

Citi New York, NY CEO Michael Corbat hEad Of hr Paul McKinnon In the frantic, heady days after the arrival of a child, having enough time at home is everything. Understanding that, this financial services company gives women up to 13 fully paid weeks offfor maternity leave and eight paid weeks offfor adoption. It also maintains a series of online discussions, led by an external facilitator, which outline their child care and scheduling options and recommend ways to reconnect with clients. (Subsidies or sliding-scale tuition, granted at eight company day care centers, make returning to work easier.) The Citi Parents Network offers panels and webinars on discipline strategies, family happiness secrets, nutrition, college prep and more.

Cooley Palo Alto, CA CEO Joe Conroy ChiEf hr OffiCEr Shannon Pelikan Figuring out how to maintain a thriving career while fulfilling personal obligations was the subject of Managing Work/Life Integration, a panel discussion held by this law firm in October 2012. Both junior and senior partners shared stories from their own lives, speaking frankly about how to turn down assignments when one is too busy, delegate responsibility and avoid making choices that incur extra stress. Flextime and telecommuting lighten parents' loads; salaried employees get at least 31 paid days offannually. Prominent working mothers include Chief Financial Officer Lisanne Morales, Chief Human Resources Officer Shannon Pelikan and Chief Marketing Officer Lynn Kirk.

Cisco Systems San Jose, CA Chairman & CEO John Chambers sEniOr vP, hr Kathleen Weslock Want to get a college degree, tackle your bucket list or spend more time with family? At this information technology and networking company, employees can take up to 24 months offwithout losing tenure (or, for one year, medical benefits). If they decide to remain at work, they can still access up to $10,000 in annual tuition aid and at least eight partially paid weeks of maternity leave (or four for adoption, with a $3,000 benefit). Those with elder care concerns can attend support groups and arrange free consultations that determine the medical, emotional and housing needs of relatives, even those living far away. In 2012, 45% of U.S. employees worked from home full-time.

Colgate-Palmolive New York, NY PrEsidEnt, Chairman & CEO Ian Cook sEniOr vP, GlObal hr Daniel Marsili Parents gravitate to flexible schedules at this consumer products company, which formalized its flextime and telecommuting options in 2012, then expanded training for managers and employees. Anyone can utilize 20 days of free center-based backup care (per child) annually; in three states, 30 in-home visits are also subsidized, and workers in Topeka, KS, receive priority access to a near-site day care. The Colgate Parents Network holds events on topics such as positive parenting and playground prejudice; webinars have explored resilience and tough conversations with kids. For fun, moms attend on-site yoga classes, healthy cooking demos and workshops on work life balance.

Credit Suisse New York, NY CEO, amEriCas rEGiOn Robert Shafir manaGinG dirECtOr and amEriCas hEad Of hr Ketty Russeva Bringing healthy babies into the world is the satisfying aim of this financial services firm's reproductive, maternity and neonatal support programs, which guide employees through infertility, pregnancy, delivery and the transition home. Moms who leave work to raise their families may be able to come back under the pilot Real Returns program, which includes a 10-week reorien tation period full of leadership and sponsorship opportunities. The firm's Working Mother's Network, launched in 2012, gives its members a place to share their best workplace strategies. Under the 18-month Global Mentoring Advisory Group program, high-potential women receive peer coaching and mentoring and are tasked with developing solutions to real-life business challenges.

Dell Round Rock, TX ChAirmAn & CeO Michael Dell seniOr VP, hr Steve Price In 2012, this information and technology services company increased its efforts to help employees manage their lives, appointing flex champions and wellness leaders at every site and launching a networking group for virtual workers. To address personal matters, parents can schedule free sessions with its financial and legal experts, utilize its concierge service and even consult its professionals about buying property or refinancing their mortgages. For family needs, they consult breastfeeding experts, tap inexpensive child care and take advantage of free counseling, college coaching and teen scholarships; those with aging relatives access on-site support groups and consultations.

Discovery Communications Silver Spring, MD President & CeO David Zaslav seniOr exeCutiVe VP, hr & CdO Adria Alpert Romm Self-improvement is a major focus for employees at this media company, which enhances their education with up to $5,000 in annual tuition assistance and promotes deeper transformations with financial wellness seminars and life-coaching sessions. Parents take on-site Baby Basics workshops to learn how to keep their infants healthy and happy; prenatal yoga classes and breastfeeding consultations offer teachable moments for moms. In 2012, the 13-week Lean 4 Life program even allowed employees to work with a dietitian to change their eating habits. Under new policies, parents receive four fully paid weeks of adoption leave (up from three), plus $10,000 in aid (up from $5,000).

Deloitte New York, NY CeO Joe Echevarria Chief tAlent OffiCer Jennifer Steinmann This professional services firm actively helps employees expand their families, offering them up to $25,000 in coverage for infertility treatments, granting 8 to 16 weeks of fully paid parental leave, covering $5,000 in adoption costs and subsidizing 30 days of backup care per child annually. New moms get infant/toddler safety kits and the book Two Years Without Sleep; those who breastfeed can access private rooms, consult lactation experts and ship their milk home from business trips for free. The firmwide Deloitte Parents Network provides an understanding community, while the online Working Family Resource Center clarifies essential benefits and features links to relevant services.

Deutsche Bank New York, NY CeO, nOrth AmeriCA Jacques Brand mAnAging direCtOr, heAd Of hr AmeriCAs Robert Dibble People work hard at this financial services firm. To banish burnout, they adjust their schedules, get assignments done remotely and make a gradual return to the office after a birth or adoption. For increased energy, employees work out at local gyms (using corporate discounts), schedule sessions with visiting massage therapists and consult the medical staffat on-site clinics about their health, nutrition and lifestyle issues. Parents receive 20 days of backup care annually, and the employee assistance program will locate additional care providers for dependent adults or elders. Families confronting autism spectrum disorders or facing serious medical concerns get help through two nationwide programs.

Diageo North America Norwalk, CT President Larry Schwartz seniOr VP, hr Eliana Zem Women comprised 40% of the managers and executives at this alcoholic beverage company in 2012; among them is Claudia Schubert, president of Diageo Chateau & Estates (the wine division). Leadership programs encourage directors and those at the vice-president level and above to design professional development plans and work with coaches and their own managers for one year to maximize their job performance (and career potential). Multitasking mothers like the company's affordable backup care ($15 per dependent), free marital and family counseling sessions, free health advocacy program and nimble concierge service, which helps them complete extra tasks Dow Corning Midland, MI President & CeO Robert Hansen VP, Chief hr OffiCer Mike Conway Employees of this silicone supplier are able to obtain help at critical moments. If they have parenting questions or concerns, they can reach out to its employee assistance program. If a family member falls ill, they may request up to 10 days of subsidized in-home backup care to look after them. If they have aging relatives, they can attend new (and immensely popular) on-site elder care workshops. If they are sent on assignment abroad for work, the company may pay for associated U.S. boarding school bills or private child care arrangements. In 2012, 100+ workers got fit with the employer's new marathon and half-marathon training programs and running-related seminars.

DuPont Wilmington, DE ChAirmAn & CeO Ellen Kullman seniOr VP, hr Benito Cachinero-Sánchez With mother of three Ellen Kullman at the helm, this science and engineering company is sympathetic to the needs of parents, giving them up to six job-guaranteed months offto adopt, give birth, welcome a foster child or tend to relatives who are unwell. New moms are fully paid for four to eight weeks of their leave (and are eligible for $5,000 in adoption aid); if they like, they may return to work on a reduced schedule with full benefits. The nationwide Women's Network hosts speakers on personal development, financial planning, work life issues and more. The company was a key sponsor of this year's Global Marathon, a forum that brings together tech and engineering women worldwide.

Eli Lilly and Company Indianapolis, IN ChAirmAn, President & CeO John Lechleiter, PhD seniOr VP, hr & diVersity Stephen Fry Running on playgrounds, trying martial arts, doing science projects-kids ages 6 weeks to 5 years love attending the day care centers at this pharmaceutical company's HQ. Both short and long stays are accommodated, and sick, backup and summer care are available, as are income-based scholarships that take up to 30% offtuition. For students 6 to 12, a school vacation program offers field trips, craftprojects and cool explorations into American history. Parents at the main office enjoy their free access to the brand-new, 24,000-square-foot LIFE Center, which offers a fully outfitted gym, four-lane running track and bike-borrowing station and will help arrange personal training.

EY New York, NY glObAl CeO & ChAirmAn Mark A. Weinberger AmeriCAs ViCe ChAir, PeOPle Nancy Altobello In a high-pressure industry, spending any length of time away from work can be nerve-racking, which is why the Career and Family Transitions program this professional services firm is piloting for employees is so important. Before any women depart on their 22-week maternity leave, they are paired with coaches who advise them on the best ways to satisfy their clients' and teams' expectations and establish goals for their return. The program also brokers discussions with their sponsors, mentors, colleagues and leaders, which increases engagement in these new parents' success. When their leaves are finally over, women may phase back to work on a reduced schedule for as long as needed.

FINRA Washington, DC ChAirmAn & CeO Richard Ketchum seniOr VP, hr Tracy Johnson Change happens fast at this independent securities regulator, which in May 2012 declared its intent to offer employee resource groups and then nearly immediately launched seven (including those for women, working parents and military families). In the year since, around 25% of the workforce has joined up, drawn by the groups' eclectic lineup of events, which range from leadership development workshops and networking sessions to formal mentoring programs, a speaker series and financial planning seminars. More than half of the company regularly works off-site, and everyone gets at least 28 paid days offannually (not including holidays), plus two paid days to volunteer.

Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner Washington, DC mAnAging PArtner Barbara McCurdy direCtOr, hr & AdministrAtiOn Dawn Ibbott With its on-site meditation and yoga classes, free massage therapy sessions, organic farmers' market and relaxing rooftop terrace, this law firm's headquarters emits an aura of well-being. But employees in all locations feel more Zen when they take part in the employer's walking challenges and programs, health presentations (nutrition, skin cancer, diabetes, stress management) and bike-to-work initiatives. Exercising at four in-house fitness centers helps women stay strong, while 120+ annual training programs keep their minds sharp. Parents appreciate the firm's panel discussions, which explore ways to balance kids and work.

First Horizon National Memphis, TN ChAirmAn, President & CeO Bryan Jordan Chief hr OffiCer John Daniel When it comes to employee benefits, this financial services company is all about choice, giving "flexible dollars" to anyone who works a minimum of 1,000 hours per year. The money can be spent on child care, stashed in a 401(k), or used for topnotch insurance. While 51% of workers regularly adjust their schedules around the core hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 8% work 20 to 32 hours per week (with full benefits), and others opt to go remote or stay mobile, with no fixed work location. Job-guaranteed unpaid leaves of up to 30 days (again, with benefits) may be taken once a year; on request, there are family leaves of up to 26 weeks.

Freddie Mac McLean, VA CEO Donald Layton SEniOR Vp & CdO Dwight Robinson Women interested in adoption would do well to check out this secondary mortgage lender, which offers employees up to $8,300 to cover the legal, administrative, travel or medical fees associated with bringing home a child and places no cap on their number of allowances. To facilitate a smooth transition, management permits them to take six fully paid weeks off, either incrementally or all at once during the period after the adoption is finalized. Priority enrollment at 1,200+ U.S. child care centers and 20 days of subsidized backup care annually help parents deal with the unexpected; support groups assist those caring for elder relatives or loved ones with disabilities and special needs.

Genentech South San Francisco, CA CEO & hEad Of nORth amERiCan COmmERCial OpERatiOnS Ian Clark SEniOR Vp, REGiOnal hEad, hR nORth amERiCa Nancy Vitale Parents flock to this biotechnology firm, where 54% of the workforce has dependent children and two babies are born every day. Many mothers use flexible work arrangements, like principal clinical coding specialist Marlo Searcy (who has maintained a three-day week since having twins in 2012) and project coordinator Piia Ramirez (a mom of three who telecommutes on Wednesdays). Nearly 700 kids attend HQ's two child care centers; others enjoy their summer or holiday programs, while parents attend on-site workshops (on kindergarten prep, raising daughters and more). Subsidized sick-child and backup care aid parents; moms with infants ship milk home from business trips for free.

Goldman Sachs New York, NY ChaiRman & CEO Lloyd Blankfein GlObal hEad Of human Capital manaGEmEnt Edith Cooper Meaningful, thought-provoking discussions hosted by this bank frequently find pediatricians, geriatric care managers and parenting experts speaking to employees about how to raise physically and mentally healthy kids and care for aging relatives. Honoring all types of families, the firm not only extends benefits to domestic partners and their children but in 2012 granted new adoptive and surrogate parents up to 16 fully paid weeks offand as much as $6,000 to cover their costs; it also offers 40 days of free backup care during that transitional first year, available at local centers and its New York City and Jersey City, NJ, offices.

Grant Thornton Chicago, IL CEO Stephen Chipman ChiEf hR OffiCER Pamela Harless Mentoring propels women at this professional services firm, which offers a formal program and maintains informal circles for female managers and partners in many offices. Now it's rolling out a pilot called Mentor Moms, in which experienced mothers help new ones make a smooth transition back to work after maternity or adoption leave (perfect timing, too, since female managers in the Chicago audit practice recently experienced a baby boom). The firm's insurance provider offers six weeks of follow-up and case management services from a registered nurse after any birth; its affordable backup child care benefit has been expanded to 15 from 10 days per year.

GE Fairfield, CT ChaiRman & CEO Jeffrey Immelt SEniOR Vp, hR John Lynch Customized schedules are growing increasingly common across all nine businesses of this infrastructure, finance and media company. Employees who work in the aviation organization can flex a whole week (choosing their preferred days out of seven) or scale back to 30 hours with full benefits. In health care, many people compress their workweeks. And in several other areas (corporate, capital, transportation, oil and gas), they often work entirely from home. To maximize office days, moms visit on-site fitness and medical centers and attend seminars on nutrition for kids, real estate and tax tips, heart and breast health, guided meditation, mindfulness and ways to achieve balance.

General Mills Minneapolis, MN ChaiRman & CEO Ken Powell SVp, GlObal hR Mike Davis Get a haircut, grab a family dinner, pick up new glasses-moms can do a lot at this food manufacturing company's headquarters, thanks to its beauty salon, cafeteria, day care, gym, gas station, tailor and medical clinic with dental and vision care (free to employees, with same-day appointments). A concierge service wraps gifts, researches trips, orders flowers and plans parties. Family members can access free financial coaching, scholarships and a credit union; an employee assistance program finds child care providers and medical specialists. Sabbaticals, flex schedules, summer hours and phase-back arrangements give employees the extra time they need.

Herman Miller Zeeland, MI CeO Brian Walker seniOr VP, PeOPle serViCes Tony Cortese Kid-friendly activities abound at this office furniture manufacturing company, from trick-or-treating at Halloween parties to visits with Santa Claus and fairground rides at annual picnics. Parents use a referral service to find child care, tap discounts at West Michigan day care facilities and save up to $5,000 annually in dependentcare accounts. Women take six fully paid weeks offto give birth, or two weeks to adopt (with $5,000 in aid); on-site fitness centers, medical clinics, concierge services and health advocates help them meet daily demands. In 2012, 30 employees' teens scored college scholarships worth up to $2,500, funded by company board members, senior leaders and the Herman Miller Foundation.

Intel Santa Clara, CA CeO Brian M. Krzanich seniOr VP & direCtOr, hr Richard Taylor Arranging child care for 49,339 workers isn't simple, but this technology company has come up with a solution for all of its major locations. In 2012, more than 2,500 employee kids spent time at one of 18 near-site day care facilities, which offer priority enrollment and affordable backup care; employees can also tap $250 annually to cover care provided in a pinch by friends, relatives or local centers. In Arizona, Oregon and New Mexico, manufacturing workers access home-based child care with flexible hours. Expectant parents can sign up for Having a Baby classes, which show them how to maximize their leaves and benefits; full-time employees with seven years' tenure get paid sabbaticals.

Horizon Healthcare Services Newark, NJ ChAirmAn, President & CeO Robert A. Marino seniOr VP, hr Margaret Coons In 2012, this health insurer made a big push to embed telecommuting in its culture, encouraging employees to complete assignments outside the office and go remote part- or full-time. It formalized its work-at-home policy and trained managers to better understand the needs of its increasingly virtual workforce. Such efforts have had an undeniable impact: At least 35% of employees now maintain some form of off-site work arrangement, up from 22% two years ago. (Management supports them by covering any home office expenses deemed necessary for business.) The recent renovation of a gym at headquarters has created a welcome respite for its 1,690 members.

HP Palo Alto, CA President & CeO Meg Whitman exeCutiVe VP, hr Tracy Keogh Moms-to-be cheered when this technology company recently added five days to their maternity leave, giving them 8 to 10 fully paid weeks off. As their families grow, they can save for the future with a 401(k), employee stock purchase plan and pretax health and dependent-care accounts. If they require help with a personal, professional or family issue, they can turn to an employee assistance program for eight free counseling sessions; those with elder care responsibilities may access 10 days of dependent backup care annually. In April, a new sponsorship program was launched for female executives, which pairs them with top leaders for 18 months.

IBM Armonk, NY ChAirmAn, President & CeO Virginia Rometty seniOr VP, hr Diane Gherson Doing well at work makes no difference if you can't manage your money. This technology company supports employees with unlimited free financial counseling sessions, which help them make sense of their taxes, mortgages, retirement, estate plans and more. Its own extensive offerings save them additional cash and include affordable day care services, college 529 plans and scholarships, and free elder care consultations. Under its Healthy Rebates initiative, families even earn up to $300 annually for eating right, exercising and engaging in other productive behaviors. In 2012, the company's resource and referral service held 150+ work life seminars, which were widely attended.

Johnson & Johnson New Brunswick, NJ ChAirmAn & CeO Alex Gorsky VP, hr & exeCutiVe COmmittee member Peter Fasolo Caregivers make steady use of the family-friendly programs offered by this health care company. Moms access free memberships to a new service that finds trusted care for their loved ones, and they schedule free consultations with experts to discuss the living situations of ill or elderly relatives or education for kids with special needs. New parents may take five consecutive days off(plus any short-term disability) to bond with infants or newly adopted children, doing so at any point within the first three months after their arrival. Employees can also request another 40 paid hours offper year to address personal or family issues (or take 16 paid hours offto volunteer) without draining vacation time.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. New York, NY Chairman & CEO Jamie Dimon DirECtOr, hr John Donnelly Moms often put themselves low on the priority list, which is why the 29 state-of-the-art health and wellness centers at this financial services firm are such a blessing. Easy to access (even without appointments), they treat sore throats, fevers and pulled muscles; administer insulin, allergy shots or fertility drugs; evaluate blood pressure, cholesterol and weight; and more. Insurance is available to anyone who works 20 hours per week, while free private counseling is offered through the employee assistance program. Emotional challenges are faced in the firm's new Navigating Life Events discussions; led by senior executives at headquarters, they cover topics like Alzheimer's and cancer.

Kellogg Battle Creek, MI PrEsiDEnt & CEO John Bryant sEniOr VP, glObal hr Samantha Long Women are on the rise at this consumer goods company: They represented just 35% of employees in 2012 but made up at least 41% of those promoted to manager, senior manager and corporate executive. The Women of Kellogg employee resource group provides its 1,200 members with mentoring and sponsorship initiatives, leadership development programs and workshops on topics such as personal branding, negotiation tactics and work life balance. Tuition assistance worth up to $10,000 annually helps working mothers achieve. Discounted child care is available at a center near headquarters, and any babysitting required by work trips may be reimbursed by the company.

KPMG New York, NY Chairman & CEO John Veihmeyer ViCE Chair, hr & COmmuniCatiOns Bruce Pfau All employees at this audit, tax and advisory services firm use flextime, and they appreciate the way alternative work options enhance their lives. Audit senior manager Elizabeth Miller took four months off(with pay) after the birth of her baby by combining multiple leaves with a sabbatical. Partner Theresa Ahlstrom worked 60% to 85% of a standard schedule for four years after adopting a child, and ended up with a big promotion. And office managing partner Candy Duncan adjusted her hours and telecommuted for months when her mom was ill. "The support allowed me to manage my priorities and balance my work and family needs during a difficult time," she recalls.

Katten Muchin Rosenman Chicago, IL managing PartnEr Vincent Sergi DirECtOr Of hr Gaye Bartulis No attorney succeeds entirely on her own. This law firm deliberately embeds its women in a large, tightly knit community, fostering connections with such powerful organizations as the Women's Leadership and Mentoring Alliance and the Black Women Lawyers' Association. Its sponsorship of the Corporate Counsel Women of Color and POWER conferences inspires its female employees and gives them a chance to meet potential mentors nationwide. At the same time, its relationship with the (woman-owned) consulting firm Akina, which runs goal-oriented training and development programs, helps attorneys solidify their marketing, sales, deal-making and client management skills.

KraftFoods Group Northfield, IL CEO Tony Vernon ExECutiVE VP, hr Diane Johnson May Going back to school is a dream for many mothers-one this consumer goods company facilitates by offering up to $10,000 in annual tuition aid for college courses or certificate programs that further professional aims. High performers may participate in Efficacy for Women, a program that explores how to exercise political and social influence, have important career conversations, negotiate effectively and plan for success. Women are 36% of the company's top earners, among them chief marketing officer (and single mom) Deanie Elsner. If they like, employees may take four paid days offper year to volunteer; the company fully matches all charitable donations.

LEGO Systems Enfield, CT PrEsiDEnt Søren Torp Laursen sEniOr DirECtOr, hr amEriCas/PaCifiC Mary Sutton Horseback rides and a hot air balloon delighted families at this toy maker's 80th anniversary party, held in a Connecticut park, last year. The same buzz of activity pervades its headquarters: Special events find kids participating in craftprojects and skits, and moms sit in on story time at the child care center. (Telecommuters and field employees get 10% discounts at a network of child care centers.) Under the new Live Well, Play Well initiative, employees enjoy workout classes, personal training and nutritious meals; beyond that, they tap flex schedules and at least 15 days of paid time offannually. In 2012, women earned 34% of promotions to director and senior director (up from 23% in 2011).

MasterCard Worldwide Purchase, NY PrEsiDEnt & CEO Ajay Banga ChiEf hr OffiCEr Ron Garrow Employees' kids flourish at this payments technology company, which offers priority enrollment, waived registration fees and tuition subsidies at 74 U.S. child care centers, and affordable backup care with 2,441 providers. Through a free service, parents can find caregivers of all types; the Employee and Family Resource Program will research preschools and summer camps and arranges free parenting consultations on behavior issues, discipline and more. To get ahead, moms can access $7,500 to $11,000 in annual tuition aid; new leaves grant up to 18 months offfor study. Just launched: the Women's Leadership University, which offers coaching and education to advance employees at all levels.

March of Dimes Foundation White Plains, NY PrEsiDEnt Jennifer Howse sEniOr VP, hr Vincent J. Sampugnaro This nonprofit organization annually upgrades its policies to better protect employee families-and 2012 was no exception. While its new hires typically endure a waiting period to earn medical insurance, immediate coverage is now granted to anyone expecting a child through birth, adoption, surrogacy or foster care. Pregnant women never need to pay any doctor or hospital bills; they also get six fully paid weeks off, or eight (another change) for C-sections. Those who adopt or become foster or surrogate parents earn four weeks of paid leave, for which they are now eligible after six months' tenure (down from one year); adoptive and surrogate parents can tap up to $5,000 in assistance.

Marriott International Bethesda, MD PrEsiDEnt & CEO Arne Sorenson ChiEf hr OffiCEr & sEniOr DiVErsity ExECutiVE David Rodriguez Parents can fulfill many ambitions at this hospitality services company, getting in shape with its fitness centers and wellness workshops, scoring degrees with its $5,250 in annual tuition aid and advancing with its leadership initiatives. An employee assistance program guides those who need parenting advice or want to rent or buy homes, and vacations are sweetened by associate discounts on hotel rooms, spa services and travel packages. At HQ, moms enjoy prenatal massages, pregnancy parking and lactation rooms; those who participate in maternity-health initiatives earn $1,000 toward medical expenses. Child care discounts, college coaching and $2,000 scholarships help employees' kids.

MassMutual Financial Group Springfield, MA Chairman, PrEsiDEnt & CEO Roger Crandall ExECutiVE VP, hr Debra Palermino Great child care is readily accessible at this financial services company: Employees receive priority enrollment at an everexpanding network of child care facilities, which provide full-time, summer and school-vacation services; generous tuition subsidies can cut costs by up to $5,000 annually. (Older kids can tap free homework tutoring and college coaching programs.) Moms make use of on-site fitness centers, farmers' markets, medical clinics and wellness coaches; engaging in healthy activities renders them eligible for up to $500 in financial incentives per year. Homeowners can take advantage of discounted property insurance and down-payment and mortgage assistance.

McGladrey Chicago, IL managing PartnEr & CEO Joe Adams PrinCiPal natiOnal hr lEaDEr Katie Lamkin Keeping pace with its employees' changing needs, this assurance, tax and consulting services firm just introduced 15 days of paid parental leave after a birth or adoption, available to both full-timers and those on reduced schedules. New moms are now compensated for at least three to eight weeks (including disability) while away, and they can add unpaid leave or draw on regular paid time offto lengthen their "break." Should they struggle with any aspect of their jobs or family relationships, they can arrange free sessions with the firm's professional coach, a licensed psychologist. The new Access to the Years Ahead service helps employees get top-notch care for aging relatives.

McGraw-Hill Financial New York, NY Chairman, PrEsiDEnt & CEO Harold "Terry" McGraw ExECutiVE VP, hr John Berisford Families of all types are embraced by this financial services company, which grants health insurance to anyone working 20+ hours a week and covers civil union and domestic partners (and their children), as well as adult dependents with special needs. Women get at least nine fully paid weeks offafter a birth (or three paid after an adoption, with up to $10,000 in aid); they can also access 15 days of subsidized backup care annually. Free case management services help those grappling with special needs or elder care issues and include six hours of consultations around topics such as education and housing.

Morgan Stanley New York, NY Chairman & CEO James Gorman glObal hEaD Of hr JeffBrodsky You can tell a lot about an employer by the way it handles a crisis. When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last year, parents at this financial services firm were able to contact its employee assistance program at all hours for help finding housing, arranging repairs and filing for assistance. Workers were allowed to refill lost prescriptions early, see out-of-network doctors (at in-network rates) and utilize subsidized backup dependent care (even if their 25 annual visits had already been tapped). Grants of $5,000 went to those in dire straits, while internal donations to the Red Cross were fully matched. In December, families flocked to seminars on emergency and disaster preparedness.

McKinsey & Co. New York, NY managing DirECtOr Dominic Barton DirECtOr, hr Michelle Jarrard Enjoying several long vacations per year would be impossible at many management consulting firms, but this one makes it so with Take Time, an initiative that grants consultants 5 to 10 extra weeks off(with job-guarantee) annually. Added to their existing paid time offof five weeks, it can lead to nearly four months away. But those who stay at the office can step back, too, working reduced schedules of 60% to 90% with full benefits while remaining under consideration for top jobs. Female partners praise the firm's new Pathway to Director program, which provides insight from its most senior leaders and fosters discussions about ways to advance while meeting personal goals.

Merck Whitehouse Station, NJ Chairman, PrEsiDEnt & CEO Kenneth Frazier ExECutiVE VP, hr Mirian Graddick-Weir Tackling paperwork gets easier with services provided by this pharmaceutical company. Its health advocate will help employees track down doctors, medical records and second opinions, while its financial experts work to analyze employees' bills, debt and cash flow. Parents may opt to invest in the company's 401(k) or stash cash ($2,500 to $5,000 per year) in its pretax health and dependent care accounts. Flexible work options and three to six weeks of annual vacation enhance personal freedom; on-site child care centers, subsidized dependent care and counseling sessions also provide support. Training and development opportunities are available through nine global employee networks.

MetLife New York, NY Chairman, PrEsiDEnt & CEO Steve Kandarian ExECutiVE VP & ChiEf hr OffiCEr Frans Hijkoop Applying to college can consume a teen's life-the research, the essays, the road trips! This financial services provider reduces stress by connecting families with experts who know the admissions process and can offer advice on funding; kids are also eligible for up to $12,000 in scholarships (over four years). Mothers who want to pursue their own studies may tap up to $5,250 in annual tuition aid, adjusting their hours or using company laptops to keep in touch off-site. (They and their kids can access college test prep courses and tutoring at a 10% discount.) New workshops help employees explore dependent care issues; on-site fitness centers and gym discounts promote well-being.

Moss Adams Seattle, WA CEO Chris Schmidt DirECtOr, hr Jennifer Wyne Wouldn't you love to go on summer break just like your kids? Client-services professionals at this accounting firm get at least 25 days offannually, but they can also take months offafter tax season wraps in April (retaining their tenure and access to benefits while gone). If they decide to keep working, they may instead opt to shiftgears and reduce their hours by 30%. "Flexibility champions" at all 22 firm sites monitor alternative work schedules and ensure that their users remain involved in key training and development activities. In 2012, leaders with children shared their tips for achieving success and maintaining balance at the Working Parents Panel, held on-site in Seattle.

Northern Trust Chicago, IL ChAirmAn & CeO Rick Waddell exeCutiVe VP & heAd Of hr S. BiffBowman Urgent work calls, unreliable babysitters, sudden school closings... what to do when your child care plan falls apart? Employees at this financial services firm turn to its backup care service for at-home help or take kids to affiliated centers, up to 20 days per year. In 2012, nearly 2,700 children (and 46 adult and elder dependents) were looked after by these providers, with unlimited access granted during the Chicago public school strike in September. Alternative work arrangements are up 11% since 2011, and employees can use their own sick days (7 to 10 annually) to tend to unwell kids. Families rely on the firm's lactation program, free homework tutoring, counseling sessions and college coaching.

Novartis Pharmaceuticals East Hanover, NJ u.s. COuntry heAd & President, nPC André Wyss VP & heAd, hr Caryn Parlavecchio Women shoot for the stars at this pharmaceutical company. Emerging talent is nurtured with a full year of coaching and mentoring through the global Executive Female Leadership Program; since 2010, 80% of its participants have garnered promotions or new opportunities. Associates can also raise their game by attending "Leading Up" or "Creating Winning Styles," two on-site sessions that explore how to develop an executive presence and establish a larger network of support. Nationwide backup care, child care discounts and subsidies, and a caregivers' group help families; women get 10 fully paid weeks offto give birth, or five paid days offto adopt (with $5,000 in aid per child).

Pfizer New York, NY ChAirmAn & CeO Ian Read exeCutiVe VP, WOrldWide hr Charles Hill Sunny days are cherished by this health care company, which extends its summer hours at most sites from March through November, allowing employees to leave work at 2 p.m. each Friday. This gives mothers a chance to spend more time with their families or focus on their own interests-or maybe squeeze in a step, Pilates or cardio boxing class at one of 16 on-site fitness centers. Conference calls, webinars and online training and development are increasingly widespread, which encourages the growth of remote work arrangements (an advance welcomed by parents). Families use college coaching, free counseling and up to $10,000 in adoption aid per child.

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare Chicago, IL President & CeO Dean Harrison seniOr VP, hr Dean Manheimer Designing their own work arrangements allows mothers at this academic medical center to make room for family time. Every six weeks, clinical staffers choose new schedules (often requesting extra shifts, or compressing weeks to take added days off); those in corporate functions are more likely to work off-site. "We alternate days at home to accommodate school schedules, bad weather or sick kids," explains Toni Meyers, a mom of three and manager of the health information management department at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, where 10 of her employees work remotely or telecommute. It takes just 24 hours of work per week to earn family medical benefits.

Patagonia Ventura, CA President & CeO Rose Marcario hr direCtOr Shannon Ellis Environmentally conscious employees love the child care center at this apparel company's HQ, which treated 62 kids to organic snacks and a "green" education (lessons on nature, conservation and pollution) in 2012. Hilary McLeod, a mother of two and creative department project coordinator, sends her daughter there. "One of her first words was 'compost,'" she recalls, laughing. "Only at Patagonia!" Parents who use the facility save plenty of green, too, thanks to subsidies worth up to 45% offtuition (available to households earning less than $120,000 per year). Older kids like the Kids Club, which will pick them up from elementary school and entertain them with fun activities and field trips.

The Phoenix Companies Hartford, CT President & CeO James Wehr seniOr VP, AdministrAtiOn Jody Beresin Community-minded parents take a shine to this life insurance and financial services firm. Those who regularly volunteer for any nonprofit organization (including their kids' schools) can take 40 paid hours offfrom work to continue to do so and earn $500 grants for the object of their efforts; any money they privately donate is also matched, up to $2,500 per calendar year. If they need to find child care, parents may contact the firm's resource and referral service (and save up to $5,000 annually in a dependent care account, with a 10% match, to pay for it); tutoring and college coaching assist older kids. All employees are eligible for health insurance, regardless of the number of hours they work.

Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman New York, NY Chair James Rishwain Chief hr OffiCer Deborah Johnson Smart programming ensures this law firm's hardworking staffand attorneys emphasize wellness. Its 10-week Health for Every Body series finds groups working with a holistic health expert to make peace with food and body image. Zumba, strength-training and yoga classes get people moving at the on-site gym in Washington, DC; local gyms offer corporate discounts. Biometric screenings and flu shots are administered in conference rooms; those who take medical risk assessments earn giftcards or have contributions to charity made on their behalf. New moms and primary caregivers who adopt or become surrogate parents get six paid weeks off(plus short-term disability, where applicable).

Principal Financial Group Des Moines, IA Chairman, President & CeO Larry Zimpleman exeCutive vP, hr & COrPOrate serviCes Ralph Eucher To meet their child care needs, employees at this financial services company rely on 10% discounts (and waived registration fees) at local child care centers, utilize 20 days of backup care annually at headquarters, access reimbursements for care required by business trips and contact a resource and referral service to locate other providers. Compressed weeks, telecommuting, flextime and other alternative work solutions fill any gaps. It takes only 20 hours of work per week to earn health insurance, which covers employees' domestic partners, foster children and adult children with special needs. Up to $5,250 in annual tuition aid helps workers acquire job-related degrees.

Prudential Financial Newark, NJ Chairman & CeO John Strangfeld seniOr vP, hr Sharon Taylor Coming back to work after having a baby can be tough- something this financial services firm recognizes by allowing new moms to take up to 26 job-guaranteed weeks off, with 9 partially paid. (Employees also earn 21 to 36 days of paid time offannually, which many use to supplement this leave). Women who adopt spend 11 weeks away, on average, and are eligible for up to $10,000 to cover related expenses. New mothers may request a gradual return to the office or potentially work from home (79% of employees telecommute each month); a solid lactation program, infant transition services, extensive child care and eight on-site wellness centers also help.

Qualcomm San Diego, CA Chairman & CeO Paul Jacobs exeCutive vP, hr Daniel Sullivan People who love to learn enjoy working for this wireless technology company, where personal development courses detail how to stay safe online, redirect kids' behavior, fund the college years and more. Health lectures outline illnesses that affect women, explore whether diets work and explain how nutrition and exercise can engender balance. Employees who go back to school may be reimbursed for up to $10,125 in tuition annually; scholarships worth $1,500 are available to their children. Anyone working 30 hours per week earns medical insurance (with no premiums to pay); free access to a service staffed by top doctors offers guidance on big health decisions.

PNC Financial Services Group Pittsburgh, PA President & CeO William Demchak Chief hr OffiCer Joan Gulley Moms make their voices heard at this financial services company, taking on important positions in multiple leadership development programs, nine employee business resource groups and 40+ diversity councils. To get everything done, many opt to telecommute (as 49% of women did in 2012) or simply access their employer's excellent child care, which includes facilities at two Pennsylvania locations with backup, summer and occasional full-time services, open weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Parents at 3,300+ other sites contact a resource and referral service for suggestions or utilize up to 15 days of emergency care per year, either in-home or via a national network of centers.

Procter & Gamble Cincinnati, OH Chairman, President & CeO A.G. Lafley Chief hr OffiCer Mark Biegger From July to November 2012, this consumer goods company welcomed a team of work life professionals to six of its major locations, where they helped 2,500+ employees address caregiving challenges, health and wellness issues, legal and financial matters, questions about education and more. Personalized schedules are widely advertised as part of the company's new flex@work business strategy, which encourages a discussion about alternative work options in every career planning conversation. Health coaching was recently expanded at headquarters; a program that teaches employees how to manage their energy has been customized for those who work at manufacturing plants.

PwC New York, NY u.s. Chairman & seniOr Partner Bob Moritz u.s. human CaPital leader Terri McClements Trading war stories with other parents (all the funny, hair-raising details) can be such a relief. This audit, tax and advisory services firm promotes truth-telling through a nationwide program that finds veteran moms sharing their wisdom with new ones, and maintains a separate, dedicated circle for the caregivers of kids and adults with special needs. Women's networking groups in each market provide professional counsel, while the Women Upfront online community probes career and parenting issues, using videos (a recent one focused on tension between working and stay-at-home moms) and webcasts (female partners talked kids and compromises in "What Does It Mean to Have It All?").

Rothstein Kass Roseland, NJ CO-managing PrinCiPals Steven Kass and Howard Altman Chief PeOPle OffiCer Effin Logue Fantastic time-offpolicies make this public accounting firm a real wow. To get away from the office, eligible employees can combine overtime comp days with standard vacation, then receive partial pay (and full benefits) for a maximum leave of up to four consecutive months. People with customized work arrangements meet regularly with principals for mentoring; if they have reduced hours, they are still paid for all holidays (even those that fall on days they wouldn't normally work). Parents are particularly grateful for a new nationwide backup dependent care program (cost: $6 per hour for in-home care; $15 to $25 per day for care at local facilities), which they may use up to 15 times per year.

SC Johnson Racine, WI Chairman & CeO H. Fisk Johnson seniOr vP, glObal hr Pascale Meyran "No waiting list!" is the unofficial motto of the child care center serving this consumer products company's headquarters, which would rather open extra rooms or stage a class for a single kid than keep employees away. Tuition discounts, credits and subsidies are available to those who use it, which further endears the facility to parents. In 2012, it expanded on its stellar offerings by launching a prenatal class for moms, a junior preschool program for toddlers, developmental screenings for those over age 2 and therapy for little ones with special needs. New parenting seminars addressed discipline and toilet training; a panel at the main office touched on "Surviving Motherhood and the Workplace." Scripps Health San Diego, CA President & CeO Chris Van Gorder COrPOrate seniOr vP, hr Vic Buzachero In 2012, nearly 20,000 employees and their relatives enjoyed events staged by this health care system, from parties at San Diego Padres games to advance movie screenings and a meetand- greet with ballerinas from The Nutcracker. For sheer impact, though, it's hard to beat the organization's Family Care Conference series, which draws a crowd with its coverage of parenting and elder care issues. More than 70% of the workforce here relies on an alternative schedule, with full-timers eligible for at least 24 days of paid time offannually. Free insurance is granted to those who participate in the system's chief wellness initiative; savings also accrue for users of the five employee health clinics.

State Street Boston, MA Chairman, President & CeO Joseph "Jay" Hooley exeCutive vP & Chief hr & CitizenshiP OffiCer Alison Quirk Formal flexible work arrangements were used by more than 24% of employees at this financial services company in 2012, including 19% of VPs. While CEO Joseph "Jay" Hooley endorses these options at company-wide town hall meetings, a virtual flex workers' group keeps current users informed by broadcasting panel discussions with management and sessions on work-from-home technology. Mentoring programs, a dedicated network and up to $5,250 in annual tuition assistance support women; those with kids can access 20 days of free backup care per year, along with school-break camps in eastern Massachusetts. Fitness classes, wellness coaching and meditation rooms boost relaxation.

Ryan Dallas, TX Chairman & CeO G. Brint Ryan exeCutive vP, COrPOrate exCellenCe Delta Emerson Mothers at this tax services firm have the freedom to work from home, start the day early or late and take as much paid time offas they like (so long as their managers approve). It's widely understood that getting results is more important than face time here, so employees know they have the flexibility to adjust their work plans when, say, a babysitter goes MIA or a toddler has a fever. New moms frequently reduce their hours for an extended period after wrapping up maternity or adoption leave (6 to 12 weeks); others take lengthy leaves of absence, with full benefits for up to 90 days. Salaried employees with five years' tenure are eligible for a paid four-week sabbatical.

Takeda Deerfield, IL Chief mediCal & sCientifiC OffiCer Tachi Yamada seniOr vP, hr & administratiOn Laurene Giagnorio Families are more than charmed by the child care and kindergarten at this pharmaceutical company's headquarters: Spanning 21,000 square feet, the LEED-certified facility features a giant fish tank, mini-slide, nesting areas, crafttables and a dolls' bed. On weekdays from 6:45 a.m. to 6:15 p.m., it provides drop-in, full-time, summer and holiday care, and there's an adaptive playground suited to little ones with special needs (therapy can be made available on-site). Aspiring moms are supported by infertility coverage worth up to $100,000 and eight fully paid weeks of maternity leave (two for adoption, plus $10,000 in aid). Employee networks for women and working parents were launched in 2012.

Teach for America New York, NY CO-CeOs Elisa Villanueva Beard & Matthew Kramer exeCutive vP, PeOPle, COmmunity & diversity Aimée Eubanks Davis With the education of children as its primary objective, it makes sense that this nonprofit would consider the welfare of employee families. In 2012, it began offering them a nationwide backup care program with access to 1,200+ U.S. child care centers and in-home care for dependents of any age. It also gives new mothers eight fully paid weeks offafter a birth or adoption (with $3,000 in adoption aid) and pays half the cost of using a caregiver on business trips, provided children are under age 2. Dedicated affinity groups serve new and expectant mothers, those with toddlers and preschoolers, and fathers.

TIAA-CREF New York, NY President & CeO Roger Ferguson Chief hr OffiCer Otha "Skip" Spriggs Women are 43% of the employees at this financial services organization, which stays true to its calling by helping them preserve and expand their wealth. For several years, it's offered child care discounts and subsidies and free on-site medical care, all of which are appreciated by savvy savers. In 2012, it introduced a match on employee 401(k)s, driving up usage (96% of the workforce now participates, vs. 63% in 2010). It also debuted a health savings account that allows users to stash unlimited cash (and earn a $750 match annually), offsetting future medical costs. Pretax commuter accounts, corporate gym memberships and retirement planning sessions are valuable, too.

TriHealth Cincinnati, OH President & CeO John Prout Chief hr OffiCer Walter McLarty This health care system employs thousands of moms, and it feeds their desire for flexibility by offering short shifts for nurses, floating work pools, compressed schedules and workfrom- home arrangements. In 2012, every woman promoted to the level of manager and above was able to employ some form of alternative work option to meet her needs. Parents attend on-site work life seminars that show them how to communicate better with their kids and help them through challenging times. Special condition-management programs offer free medication, lab work, holistic care and nutrition and fitness counseling to employees with musculoskeletal disorders or diabetes.

Turner Broadcasting System Atlanta, GA Chairman & CeO Phil Kent seniOr vP & Chief hr OffiCer Angela Santone Activity swirled for employees of this media company in 2012, as they signed up en masse for its 5Ks, triathlons, walking challenges, physical fitness training and divisional wellness competitions. The athletic center at headquarters offered a 12-week body transformation series that leftparticipants 683 pounds lighter; across the company, workers and their spouses or domestic partners earned up to $800 in cash incentives for consulting with health experts, taking risk assessments and enrolling in condition-management programs. Free counseling sessions help workers with personal issues; free financial guidance assists families facing a terminal illness or death.

Texas Instruments Dallas, TX Chairman, President & CeO Richard Templeton seniOr vP, hr Darla Whitaker Dealing with the push-pull of work and family issues can be tough, so this semiconductor and educational technology company encourages workers to access flextime, compressed workweeks and job-guaranteed career breaks. Corporate officer Dipti Vachani, a mom of two, took three months offto address her daughter's severe allergies and came back to a promotion; global account manager Niki Sancimino enjoyed a six-month leave soon after the birth of her third son. "It was scary to ask for time off, but management was very supportive," she recalls. Multitasking moms benefit from workshops on elder care, 15 online parenting groups and a concierge service (11,450 requests were filled in 2012).

Unilever Englewood Cliffs, NJ President, unilever nOrth ameriCa Kees Kruythoff seniOr vP, hr unilever nOrth ameriCa Sumeet Salwan Achieving "gender balance" in the workplace is this consumer products company's commendable goal. To that end, it sets clear targets for its CEO and his direct reports around the equal representation of men and women in management roles, promotes inclusiveness through its Global Diversity Board and maintains a formal mentoring initiative that accelerates the progress of high-potential female talent. Its Women's Interactive Network offers professional development programs and intriguing talks and panel discussions (one recent focus: moms and careers). Employees at HQ enjoy a new 10,000+-square-foot fitness facility with workout classes and personal training.

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Madison, WI President & CeO Donna Katen-Bahensky seniOr VP, Hr Janice Bultema Just $1.75: That's the price of a tai chi, spin or strength training class at the offices of this academic medical center, which also provides employees with local fitness discounts and access to a wellness facility near headquarters with a fully outfitted gym, massage therapy rooms and health and nutritional coaching. Workers and their spouses can earn up to $500 per year for committing to healthy activities; to support their progress, the center stages healthy meal-prep parties, subsidizes a bikesharing program and arranges farm-fresh produce deliveries (the cost to employees is partially covered by their insurance).

Verizon Communications New York, NY CHairman & CeO Lowell McAdam CHief administratiVe OffiCer Marc Reed Modern technology has dramatically reshaped the way people work-and few know that better than this broadband and communications company. In 2012, it debuted Mobility at Work, a program that makes dedicated office space available to the growing number of employees untethered to a specific location. It's a smart move, especially since 76% of its workforce now telecommutes and call center employees in several locations are testing a work-from-home pilot. Parents who need child care use an on-site facility in Orangeburg, NY, or access up to 10 days of subsidized backup care annually; care required at home by those who go on business trips may be reimbursed (up to $80 per day).

Valassis Livonia, MI President & CeO Rob Mason seniOr VP, Hr Leslie Lenser When it launched the Valassis Women's Network in 2012, this media and marketing services company created a forum for professional development events and leadership and training activities that would upliftfemale employees. To stay pumped, many of them exercise at on-site fitness centers, take office yoga and aerobics classes, sign up for health and lifestyle coaching and use gym discounts; last year, some even competed with CEO Rob Mason to lose weight (and win extra vacation days). Fun perks include baby car seats and day care discounts for parents; snacks, laundry bags and cleaning supplies for teens offto college (or boot camp); and giftcards for newlywed employees.

Viacom New York, NY President & CeO Philippe Dauman exeCutiVe VP, Hr & administratiOn Scott Mills From MTV and VH1 to Nickelodeon, this media-content company represents dozens of brands that families have grown up with- and now its policies are maturing, too. Management recently doubled paid parental leave in nearly every division, making it possible for mothers to take up to 10 fully paid weeks offafter giving birth. Adoption leave was also extended to all parents (the new standard: four to six paid weeks), and subsidized backup care was expanded to hundreds of additional employees. (Infertility coverage and autism benefits have just been universally upgraded, too.) When necessary, workers can take at least two fully paid weeks offto care for relatives who are seriously ill.

Nima Desai, director of U.S. Proposal Strategy for American Express's Global Corporate Payments business, plays in the backyard with sons Rohan, 4, and Sajan, 2.

Tania Díaz- Fernández's sons, Andres, 11, Lucas, 9, and Javier, 3, have all attended Baptist Health South Florida's South Miami Hospital Early Learning Center.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina's Orieji Iroha-Agwu (a trainer with the company's internal education program, Blue University) uses backup child care at the on-site center.

79% of managers and executives are women at children's healthcare of atlanta.

Talia, the 2-year-old daughter of CA Technologies' Ileana Schneider, rides a pony at the CA Montessori Children's Center Spring Celebration.

Grace Koo (left), managing director, equities, with sons Teddy, 2, and Andy, 10 months, and Julia Reid, director, equities, with daughters Maggie, 3, and Lily, 5, are founders and co-heads of the Working Mother's Network at Credit Suisse Rukiya Bonner and 3-year-old DJ enjoy the Discovery Kids Place Annual Fall Festival.

DuPont engineer Allison Skidd plays at the company's on-site day care facility with Vivian, 4, and Fiona, 22 months.

DuPont engineer Allison Skidd plays at the company's on-site day care facility with Vivian, 4, and Fiona, 22 months.

Alyssa Buckalew (with Carver, 6 months) is an innovation, technology and quality manager at General Mills 14 weeKs of fully paid maternity leave, on average, is offered by hp to its employee new moms.

Monica Ward, benefits manager at KraftFoods Group (with husband Horatio and daughters Haley, 12, and Jordyn, 5) has been telecommuting for two years.

Diego Correa, 11, attends Bring Your Child to Work Day at Kellogg with mom Patricia Correa, senior director of human resources, U.S. Snacks.

13 WeeKS of paid leave, on average, for adoptive primary caregivers is offered by lego.

100% of employees at mcgraw-hill financial use a flextime schedule.

Northwestern Memorial HealthCare's Laura Plazak, operating room service coordinator, explores with Hayden, 2, and Gavin, 5, at its Bernice E. Lavin Early Childhood Education Center's science lab.

Noelle Silberbauer (with Marco, 4) is a director in the risk assurance practice at PwC Takeda's senior HR business partner, Blenda Chen, and Henry, 7, hand out goody bags to children at the company's Take Your Child to Work Day event.

Karolin Saweres drops off2-year-old Danny and baby Alex at a TriHealth Early Learning Center playground before checking in to work.

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