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Maximize malware detection by scanning data with multiple antivirus engines

Wednesday December 12, 2012 TIME: 2:00pm ET/ 11:00am ET


Antivirus programs are a valid part of a defense-in-depth security architecture. However, no single antivirus program can stop 100% of malware. Is there a way to improve antivirus malware detection rates, even for zero day threats?

OPSWAT has dramatically increased the effectiveness of antivirus scanning by combining 20 or more distinct antivirus engines into one system. By using Metascan to scan files, you harness the unique capabilities of multiple antivirus products simultaneously operating in a single solution. Metascan is a server application with a local and network programming interface and a variety of fully incorporated and licensed antivirus engines that allows customers to use multiple engine scanning technology in their security architecture. Through highly flexible APIs and ready to use clients, we provide the customer with numerous options for integrating Metascan into existing or custom built security systems.

Join Thomas Chimento, Sr. Product Manager from OPSWAT, to learn how Metascan is being used to catch malware moving across security domains, stored on files servers or uploaded to web servers, and to protect critical infrastructure facilities, identify false positives in commercial software, and aid in computer forensics.

What Attendees will learn:

  • How and why malware has changed over the past few decades
  • The inherent limitations of antivirus programs in protecting against malware
  • How a multi-scanning solution can be used to mitigated these limitations

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December 03, 2012

Beam Communications, Iridium Communications Working Closely on New Product

By Rory Lidstone, TMCnet Contributing Writer

Beam Communications Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Australian company World Reach Limited, has today entered into a strategic product development initiative with Iridium (News - Alert) Communications. This agreement describes a new product development initiative under which Beam will act as the primary contractor and original equipment manufacturer of a new Iridium solution.

Beam Communications is a manufacturer and distributor of a broad range of Iridium and Inmarsat (News - Alert) Satellite voice, data, tracking terminals and accessories for the global telecommunications market. Though the company has long been a value added manufacturer of Iridium, this agreement marks the first time Beam is to be directly utilized by Iridium for its engineering and manufacturing expertise in an effort to design, develop and manufacture a dedicated Iridium product. Read more

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