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When is a standard not a standard? That may sound like a riddle or the set up of a bad joke, but it is, in fact, an issue related to SIP communications. While there are accepted standards in the session initiation protocol space, there are, in fact, many different variations within the standards, and this creates plenty of problems for companies looking to deploy this telecommunications technology, especially when dealing with diverse solutions from different vendors. In fact, in these situations, there are several problems that can emerge.

Sometimes, a piece of technology that is designed for one purpose will prove itself to be useful in other areas as well. You might have bought your pickup truck to haul lumber around, but then you realized it was the perfect vehicle for off-roading and towing, as well. And, as many companies implemented VoIP calling technology, they discovered that session border controllers were not only good for ensuring communication between protocols, but that they provided security as well.

The latest Infonetics Research report has revealed that Sonus Session Border Controllers, or SBCs, are one of the budding portfolios on the market. According to the Infonetics report, for the third quarter of 2012, Sonus SBCs have constantly held the top position in the industry in terms of growth starting the first quarter of 2011. The report titled, Service Provider VoIP and IMS Equipment and Subscribers was released on November 15, 2012.

Recently, Digitcom revealed that it has deployed Acme Packet's Net-Net Session Director to power SureConnect by HostedPBX.ca, its new SIP trunking and hosted PBX service offerings. The solution enables Digitcom to offer distinctive features such as direct dialing between hosted and premises-based extensions. The Net-Net Session Director ensures high service availability and VoIP quality by enforcing quality of service policies, re-routing sessions around network or equipment failures, and protecting against denial-of-service attacks and other service-impacting events.

Customer satisfaction is one of the key metrics for a professional insurance and liability company like Crow Friedman Group. In its quest for a competent business communication system that would help it achieve customer service excellence goals, the company zeroed in on Toshiba's Strata CIX Voice over IP business telephone system, and in no time the system proved its worth.

Line Systems' purpose-built, next-generation network is specifically designed and implemented to deliver voice, data and cloud-based applications to help businesses of all types and sizes communicate more efficiently with employees, customers and partners. That's why Haverford Trust Companies, which decided to replace its aging and obsolete premises-based phone system with a more stimulating solution, chose to transition its services to Line Systems' hosted PBX (HPBX).

Squire Technologies has released a carrier-grade Class 5 Softswitch (SVI-C5) with built-in session border controller (SBC) functionality, as part of its latest software upgrade - the SVI Release 11. The new version of SVI has enabled the standard Class 5 features, common across the industry, such as call forwarding, select call acceptance/rejection, voicemail and voice announcement.

Acme Packet, a provider of session delivery network solutions, has announced that Digitcom, a Canadian provider of business phone solutions, has deployed Acme's Net-Net Session Director in its SureConnect by HostedPBX.ca SIP trunking and hosted PBX solution.

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