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ITEXPO Exhibitor: A Look at What to Expect in 2010

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December 21, 2009

ITEXPO Exhibitor: A Look at What to Expect in 2010

By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor

Smartphones continue to grow in demand as consumers and professionals alike want increased mobility features and capabilities. In the competitive dance between BlackBerry (News - Alert) and the iPhone, it is rarely clear who will win in the end. According to Sandra Diaz Hoyos, CEO of Smart Network Solutions, the market appears to continue to be split evenly between the two as BlackBerry still offers the preferred corporate functionality, but iPhone (News - Alert) delivers in the apps.

Hoyos recently spoke with TMCnet’s Rich Tehrani (News - Alert), the full interview follows, and shared her insights on the economic impacts of 2009 and what innovation to expect in 2010.
When asked about wideband audio and HD VoIP hitting the mainstream, Hoyos said this is still years away due to expansion and upgrade costs. Reflecting on 2009, Hoyos has not seen the level of improvement in the economy as it is being reported. Looking to innovation in 2010, Hoyos predicted better performing smartphones, the Mac book air with bigger hard disk and CD, and larger capacity pocket external hard drives. When asked about Obama and his performance thus far, Hoyos believes it is too soon to tell as there is still much work to be done. If she were to take Obama’s office, Hoyos would first focus on education, heath and provide university training for free to all who wish to study and learn.
Regarding growth for the next few years, Hoyos said she believes key areas will be energy and its alternatives. For Smart Network Solutions, Hoyos said the company is a prime choice for customers in 2010 as: “First we rent and lease more of our solutions, secondly we are the only ones who offer [around the clock] customer service support, and indeed we are reliable, affordable, and very professional to work with.”
The full exchange follows:
Rich Tehrani: Smartphones continue to rise, find their ways into offices and homes alike. Who will dominate that market and why?
Sandra Diaz Hoyos: It makes me laugh, BlackBerry vs. iPhone and off course a bit of Nokia.…. On The BlackBerry vs. the Apple (News - Alert)… Definitely impossible to determine, more advantages on the Apple applications iPhone, more executive advantages on the blackberries, people on meetings debate all the time about it, on the streets I will say there is a 50/50, but lately I am sure most of the top executives worldwide are using blackberry, as the iPhone is not accessible in all the places around the globe for a comfortable price, that said, I am sure none of them are comfortable priced yet.
Both have a lot of very strong advantages on the e-mail systems and the applications for the standard business usage, indeed the ones more creative will go for the iPhone and me, I could not decide, so I got both of them, makes me feel I am not losing the right or the left side of my brain, just kidding, I am not. On feeling more comfortable with the BlackBerry for my corporate usage and on the weekends, I rather use my iPhone so I can bring my music to my get together with my family and friends.
But I should say, wireless operators still giving not the most strong service in the U.S., when I go to 3rd world countries some communications on the wireless are stronger and more reliable than in my home town Miami, with the two operators, I was blaming the machines,  and thank God experience the two machines on both, and now, I know it is up to the operators to provide better services, definitely the world is now on the smartphone and the applications we can develop to count on them
RT: We hear more and more about high-definition voice features in IP communications products and services. What is going to drive wideband audio and HD VoIP into the mainstream market? How long will it take?
SDH: I believe it will take some years for carriers to ubiquitously support G.722 as expanding networks and upgrading switching equipment to handle the new codec is more expensive than building support for it in endpoint devices or applications.
RT: What’s the most innovative product that’s going to hit the market in 2010, from a company other than your own?
SDH: Off course the war for the market is between the BlackBerries and the iPhone, so we will seat to see the better performing machines to come. On the other hand, as a Mac user, I also will expect to see the Mac book air, with a much bigger hard disk and the CD included.
And on the external hard drives I believe the pocket ones will be up to 2 tb, so there is nothing to be worried about… those things should positively come on the 2010
RT: We entered 2009 in a recession and now we’re seeing signs of the economy picking up. How did the slow economy affect demand for your products and services and what are you anticipating in 2010?
SDH: With all the respect, I hope the economy picks up as the experts are anticipating, I have not seen it so far as it is said, our company was affected, people were not getting as much products as in the past five years, we expect things go better for all of us during this coming year, but I am not sure it is picking up as expected yet. Perhaps part of my mind is done by living in Florida were there are thousands of foreclosures each day.
RT: President Barack Obama has been in office for nearly a year. What has surprised you, whether a pleasant surprise or disappointment, about his presidency, policies and administration?
SDH: I think it is far too short period of time to determine and to give a proper answer… [Obama] received a destroyed country with an economy below acceptable, with a war, in which he has to invest again, he got a country with so many social problems, with an economical crisis, and now, he is just trying to administrate and manage what he has got, which is not what any president will dream of getting, so I would not be entitled to generate the most appropriate response today, he is trying to do his best, so far, so good, but it will be so ironical and cynical to say it is outstanding when the country is so affected. He is a good manager and got a destroy place to fix, we will see how he can place the bits together and put into a good place this puzzle. I hope for the best. It’s still too early to determine how good his presidency will be, but I have a good feeling.
RT: If you were president of the United States, what tech-friendly policies would you enact?
SDH: First of all, if I were a president of the United States my first commitment will be toward education, health and that said, I would give free education for all who want to study. Harvard and the Ivy League universities will not be accessible for the richest ones, but the ones with more passion toward studying, so we can build a better educated country. When I talk, I try to do it with statistics, even though there are manageable by human beings are more accurate than talking without facts. On our health system, we are the 33rd country in the world, bellow countries of the third world as Colombia (No. 22) or Venezuela, or Chile. On the educational system only 27 percent of our population goes to universities or college, much lower than India, Colombia, Chile, so it is something to work on.
I would talk and grant more to those who want to develop alternative energy plans, solar energy and even the nuclear energy left from Albert Einstein. It is not being used adequately to provide other alternatives to the oil which is on the most conflicted countries now and is only destroying our system.
RT: What are some of the areas of market growth in the next few years?
SDH: Indeed, energy and its alternatives
RT: I understand you are exhibiting Jan. 20 to 22 at ITEXPO East 2010 in Miami. What will you show there? Describe the companies or people who should come to your exhibit.
SDH: We will have all of the VoIP solutions any one dreams of: SS7 solutions, both lease, rent, or sold, we have the GSM solutions, the softswitch solutions, and the DID services among other important VoIP developments for contact centers.
RT: Why should customers choose your company’s solutions? How do they justify the expense to management?
SDH: First, we rent and lease more of our solutions, secondly we are the only ones who offer [around the clock] customer service support, and indeed we are reliable, affordable, and very professional to work with. We integrate every single VoIP solution available in the market for the most comfortable price. And we use the best products on all of our solutions.
Smart Network Solutions  is a Gold sponsor of ITEXPO East 2010. To be held Jan. 20 to 22 in Miami, ITEXPO (News - Alert) is the world’s premier IP communications event. Visit Smart Network Solutions  in booth # 106. Don’t wait. Register now.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMCnet and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Amy Tierney

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