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December 05, 2011

Giving Credit Where Credit Won't Do

An article came in my e-mail box from the National Green Energy Council.

The article talked about President Obama’s Better Buildings Initiative and $4 billion of federal and private sector funds available for retrofitting government offices and businesses with energy-efficient solutions.

If you recall former President Bill Clinton mentioned this idea in an article in Newsweek. And, according to Ralph Avallone, the author of the e-mail I received, it was Sept. 23, 2008, that the National Green Energy Council proposed this in its master plan.

However, the tone of the e-mail was rather unforgiving to Congress. 

Now the council’s website is actually here ( which has the word International on it, which made me turn on my sound on to see if “the Internationale” was playing in the background. It was not.

I can see why it was hard to get the initiative to be taken seriously. The website is not particularly friendly. The National Press Club event mentioned in the article has no corresponding press release, nor did I find the “Master Plan... Read More

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