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March 28, 2012

Embedded M2M Solutions - Sprint Sheds Light on Smart Grid M2M Solutions

Virtually every space you look at today is touched by embedded M2M solutions in some way – from the tracker that keeps you posted on the location of your relative with Alzheimer’s, to the device that remotely monitors that patient who would prefer to stay in home as opposed to the hospital, to that tiny tracker that is tasked with fleet management. 

An additional vertical that is quickly gleaning the benefits of M2M technology is the SmartGrid space – a newer electric grid that aims to improve the way individuals and companies consume energy.

“SmartGrid is the ‘internetization’ of the country’s electric infrastructure, influenced in part by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act,” Steve Myers, Emerging Solutions Group – Partner Programs, Sprint (News - Alert), told TMCnet. “Before the Internet, computer networks were a hodgepodge, plagued by slow speeds, incompatibility and isolation SmartGrid allows consumers and utilities unprecedented visibility into their power consumption and cost... Read More

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