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Until now, IP/MPLS has mainly been deployed for communications to support the transmission part of the power grid. Alcatel-Lucent has added new products to its range of 7705 Service Aggregation Routers (SARs) that are specifically designed for deployment in Distribution and the Field Area Network (FAN) - the part of the network that distributes power to residential and business customers. These products extend the benefits of IP/MPLS, including service consistency and management across a utility's entire communications network for the first time, making it smart from end-to-end.

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December 17, 2012

Operations Analytics is Grid's Next Big Growth Market

With an annual spend of $3.8 billion globally by 2020—and a cumulative spend of $20 billion over the next nine years—grid operations analytics will be the smart grid’s next big growth market, according to study findings just released by Boston-based GTM Research.

A secondary area of significant investment for utilities will be consumer analytics. The report, “The Soft Grid 2013-2020: Big Data & Utility Analytics for Smart Grid,” forecasts that U.S. utilities, alone, will spend nearly $100 per home in these two areas over the next nine years.

With smart meters and distribution sensors beginning to populate “big data” from every corner of their territories, utilities must seek out data analytics solutions capable of managing this incoming data and realizing the promise of the smart grid. Grid operations analytics covers the use of data related to asset management, crisis management, fault detection and outage management, weather/location data, mobile workforce management and energy theft, according to the analysts... Read More

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