As VoIP increasingly becomes a preferred method for communications, connecting callers across the world in a cost efficient manner, the quality of those VoIP calls must also be addressed.  
For businesses, VoIP conferencing provides a connection for meetings via the internet. Assuring voice quality during these communications is especially essential.
Recognizing the need for an improved customer experience with VoIP conferencing, InterCall, a subsidiary of West Corporation and provider of conferencing services, announced today they have chosen Ditech Networks' Packet Voice Processor (PVP) for their new VoIP Conferencing service.
According to the announcement, InterCall will utilize the PVP to "provide carriers with a solution for ensuring high voice quality in packet-based networks while simultaneously maximizing call capacity".
Ditech Networks (News - Alert) specializes in voice processing and quality sound. The PVP is a voice processing platform that includes features which ensure voice quality. With the solution, voice traffic being sent over the internet, which can sometimes be vulnerable to things like background noise and echoes, can be controlled.
Now, InterCall's business customers are able to have productive conferencing sessions, without risking sound or quality failures. Included on the platform are features offered by Ditech Networks Voice Quality Assurance (VQA), for clarity and the elimination of noise, echo or voice issues, and their Packet Quality Assurance (PQA) specifically for VoIP issues like packet jitters, delays and losses.
With the PVP, InterCall is able to support a variety of VoIP callers due to a wide a range of codec transcoding. The PVP also includes a quality-monitoring feature with automatic alerts for finding trouble spots and improving the overall customer experience of the VoIP Call.
"Packet-based voice services are a rapidly growing market segment for our carrier and service provider customers, and the Packet Voice Processor will play an integral role in enabling leading service providers to deliver compelling communications services over VoIP," commented Tim Montgomery, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ditech Networks in a statement to the press.
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