Stoke, a mobile broadband gateway developer, has become the first new member of the Small Cell Forum, formerly the Femto Forum (News - Alert). The Small Cell Forum supports, promotes and helps drive the wide-scale adoption of small cell technologies to improve coverage, capacity and services delivered by mobile networks. Its mission is to advance the development and adoption of small cells for the provision of high-quality 2G/3G/4G coverage and services within residential, enterprise, public and rural access markets.

The Small Cell Forum aims to support the crossover between small cells and other relevant technologies in the heterogeneous network (hetnet) environment, including Wi-Fi, cloud RAN and macrocells. The hetnet, a varied backhaul network that leverages multiple types of small cell and Wi-Fi backhaul technologies, is a fundamental solution to help contain costs and improve mobile broadband service delivery.

Small cells are low-power wireless access points that operate in licensed spectrum, are operator-managed and feature edge-based intelligence. They provide improved cellular coverage, capacity and applications, and facilitate a new breed of mobile service that exploits the technology’s ability to detect presence, and connect and interact with existing networks.

Stoke’s (News - Alert) (News - Alert) solutions deliver the industry’s broadest range of support for multiple types of access technologies, providing standards-based, cost-effective and high performance functionality, including IPSec and aggregation at the Evolved Packet Edge. The Evolved Packet Edge is a critical boundary between the radio access network and the Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

“The Small Cell Forum is championing the integration of key functions into a single network element, something that Stoke can deliver today, and we are excited to join the organization at this pivotal time in its development” said Dave Williams, CTO of Stoke.  “The new LTE (News - Alert) environment is in urgent need of streamlined, high performance solutions supporting multiple functions at the Evolved Packet Edge.  We look forward to working together to validate the role of multi-service security and het net aggregation functionality at the optimal point in mobile broadband networks.”

The Stoke Security eXchange platform interoperates with the widest range of small cell/femtocell/picocell technologies in the industry. Stoke’s multi-service gateway solutions deliver the required, critical functions including small aggregation, Wi-Fi access and ZRAN backhaul encryption and decryption at the Evolved Packet Edge.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca