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The "Everywhere" Office in the Palm of Your Hands

November 09, 2015
By Michelle Amodio, TMCnet Contributor

We’re living in the mobile era. Two decades ago, it was unheard of to have a mobile phone (or cellular phone, as we once called it) for regular communications purposes. Most people who were privileged enough to have one only used it for necessities, but with data and calling plans being as inexpensive as they are, even business decision makers are realizing the benefits to a truly mobile workforce.

Employees no longer keep office hours and prefer to complete tasks on the road and from home. Laptop-toting professionals and workers tied to their Internet-enabled devices are looking for ways to increase their productivity.

Even market forecasts predict the mobile workforce will soon be the majority. According to International Data Corporation (IDC (News - Alert)), the U.S. mobile worker population will grow at a steady rate over the next five years, increasing to 105.4 million mobile workers in 2020. By the end of the forecast period, IDC expects mobile workers will account for nearly 72.3 percent of U.S. employees.

With mobile tech, companies now have the perfect opportunity to integrate their learning and development strategy more seamlessly into everyday life.

Thanks to significant improvements in technology, smartphones and virtual private networks, or VPNs, only mean that employees can access company systems and data, no matter where they are and what time it is of the day, which means working from home is highly possible and more efficient. Employees can now become productive in a netbook or phone while staying in a coffee shop as how you were doing back in the downtown office where they normally work. Work styles are now changing, and even the corporate culture is starting to go with the flow.

Companies like Folio3 offer solutions that allow employees to work anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device. Conferencing is a big part of being able to conduct business on the go. Conferences allow colleagues and clients collaborate without having to be physically present. In the past, it was required to have a desktop setup to conduct virtual meetings, but with solutions like MeetingMogul from Folio3, the true mobile worker can call, text or email attendees without having to look up their information.

According to Adnan H. Lawai of Folio3, the company’s target audience is the business person who conducts a lot of meetings using mobile a device extensively for tasks.

Mobile isn't a trend, it's a new reality, and those that plan for it will reap the rewards.

Check out this exlusive TMC (News - Alert) interview to hear what Lawai had to say about the mobile workforce trends and how Folio3 is speaking to the needs of the mobile worker:

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