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The Virtual Office - Not Just for the Small Company

September 07, 2016
By Susan J. Campbell, TMCnet Contributing Editor

For the average consumer, what does it mean to leverage the cloud? Are they using the iCloud to store pictures and music? Are they sharing photos via Dropbox (News - Alert)? Are they sending an email but have no idea what “the cloud” really means? Consumers have been using cloud-based technology for years, but most recently in the telephony space. As the virtual office is gaining speed in adoption rates, there’s no better time than the present to explore the potential.

In the business environment, the virtual office has taken off due to access to technology that enables professionals to be effective regardless of location. Cloud communication technologies provide a combination of text, voice, video and document control technologies that ensure professionals have quick and easy access to the information they need to be effective. Plus, physical travel is not nearly as important as virtual meetings can be conducted with remote teams, allowing for effective collaboration through the use of cloud-based technology.

A recent IT Web post explored how companies can reap the benefits of cloud-based telephony, especially in the virtual office setting. As businesses of all sizes are under consistent pressure to lower the cost of operation, eliminate multiple vendors and make efficiency a primary goal, the opportunity to embrace the mobile office is stronger than ever. In doing so, these businesses are increasingly moving away from the on-premise PBX (News - Alert) and selecting a service provider with a cloud-based solution.

Interestingly, the use of cloud-based technology is nothing new for the small business. Leveraging technology in the cloud is one thing that enables the smaller company to more effectively compete with the big boys. They have no IT department, so installing and maintaining on-premise systems was never a consideration. Instead, they rely on service providers to install and maintain solutions, while extending voice connectivity over a dedicated or shared IP connection.

Now, a growing number of enterprises are examining their internal infrastructure and considering solutions that enable them to become more agile. Replacing legacy systems doesn’t always make sense, especially as they continue to support remote and mobile employees. Plus, the virtual office is more than just a way to support the consultant working on a project. Now, larger companies are embracing the opportunity to hire the right talent and allowing these team members to work from anywhere. Cloud technology makes this process simple and efficient.

One company delivering solutions for cloud telephone and the virtual office is (News - Alert). The beauty of the company’s solutions is that they support the demands of today’s company, regardless of size. And, if the small player can look really big to the customer, why not use cloud-based telephony to get the job done?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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