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DIDforSale Developer Kit Gives the Virtual Office More Features

February 09, 2017
By Michael Guta, Contributing Writer

Cloud communications have removed the limitations of traditional systems by allowing organizations to access demand as needed for more flexibility and agility. These features also come with every imaginable configuration to address mobile, conferencing, collaboration and virtual office communications in today's digital ecosystem. This highly dynamic environment has led communication service providers (CSPs) to create kits so developers can program new services and applications, which is what DIDforSale (News - Alert) has done with its new Developer Kit.

DIDforSale has opened its telecom platform for developers as it looks to get into cloud communications for the programmable voice and SMS market. The entry into cloud communications is going to allow the company to deliver services that are more flexible, agile and scalable, features organizations now demand such as a virtual office. According to the company, developers will be able to take advantage of the full capabilities of a simple markup language called didML to create custom communications solutions in their preferred programming language for any website or app.

While addressing the growing popularity of APIs for businesses across virtually all industries, Jai Rangi (News - Alert), DIDforSale CTO, said, “APIs have now become a key component for a lot of businesses. We're seeing an increase in demand for SMS and Voice APIs. With our Developer's Kit we are able to empower developers to build a robust business communication system much faster and without any prior knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure.”

The Developer Kit by DIDforSale comes with three APIs. An API for VoIP to build custom telephony with management systems for receiving, routing and monitoring phone calls while at the same time integrating features such as conferencing and call recording. An SMS API to send and receive bulk messages with security features to stop fraud with the implementation of user verification with SMS.

There is also a DID management API so developers can list, buy and configure phone numbers directly from the Web server from service providers. With these APIs, the Developer Kit is going to make advanced communications that can be part of virtual office solutions more accessible and easier to develop. The company said, users of other API platforms like Twilio (News - Alert), Plivo, or Nexmo can move to DIDforSale seamlessly. This will give these developers access to the company's most popular services, including SIP Trunking, DID-number, toll free, SMS, local phone numbers, A-Z Termination and of course the Developer Kit.

Edited by Alicia Young

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