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February 13, 2017
By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

When it comes to information and communications technology for the home office, it is no longer necessary to have a room full of hardware. With proper planning, you can create a work environment in your home that is highly efficient with just a computer, a telephone, smartphone and an all-in-one office printer, scanner and fax machine. The rest of the solutions can be hosted so you can communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, vendors and customers no matter where you are in a virtual office with the services provides.

The solutions you select will, of course, vary greatly depending on the industry you happen to be in, but office applications, messaging, file storage, project management, file sharing, conferencing, collaboration and others can be part of the technology that make up your virtual office. (News - Alert) brings together all of today's communications platforms and makes it available to you so you can answer your calls whether you are in or outside of your home, or in another part of the world.

According to the company, you can even bring your traditional analog phone into today's digital world by using the adapter and making it part of a hosted PBX (News - Alert). The virtual PBX lets you use your computer as a softphone extension by just installing the Communicator application.

If you need a propriety VoIP telephony system, the company has IP phones, conferencing modules, attendant consoles, expansion modules, and analog adapters from Cisco, Panasonic, Polycom (News - Alert) and Yealink. The phones are pre-configured and ready to work out of the box when they are plugged in into the designated network. You can configure the service to include any of the almost 60 features, including Call Forwarding, Caller Analytics, Click to Call, Do Not Disturb, Internet Fax, Interactive Voice Response, Professional Recording, Text to Greeting, Voicemail to Email and more. also provides your virtual office with a Web platform that lets you create, edit, add or remove extensions to address your communications needs. This makes it possible to increase your capability without having to worry about on-premises installations of expensive hardware. Each number can then be monitored and analyzed with an analytics solution that breaks down data into demographics, social profile and mobile provider so you can get better insight into your callers.

With the available technology today, a virtual office can be setup from a smartphone. As long as your provider has the right infrastructure and services, you can run your office no matter where you happen to be.

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