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PanTerra's Stream Brings Next-Generation Unified Communications

May 04, 2017
By Frank Griffin, Contributing Writer

Digital technology has extended the features and capabilities of business telephony to include many options that incorporate today's mobile devices, video, hosted services and much more. But as more solutions become available in the marketplace, it complicates the way organizations run their day-to-day operations. Unified communications (UC) has come a long by providing a single system that makes it possible to manage multiple tools and platforms. The new UC solution from PanTerra Network called Stream, is a next-generation solution delivered in the cloud that combines today's most sought after communication and collaboration functions under one umbrella.

The launch of Stream builds on the lessons learned by PanTerra (News - Alert) with its earlier UC platform, WorldSMart. According to the company, Stream is a next-generation solution that incorporates many tools that are essential for team collaboration across an entire organization and the people and entities they do business with. This new platform allows users to share text, links, images, video, audio, files, folders, live broadcast streams, unified applications and advanced ConnectMe conferencing features with better application performance and usability.

The real-time communications feature in Streams improves control and usability by letting users create teams, assign multiple administrators and dynamically applying permissions. These teams can be assigned different access policies, giving users more control in how they are able to collaborate during conferencing or other events. Every user in Streams can access the improved collaboration and interaction functions to share and communicate in real-time.

Arthur Chang (News - Alert), President and CEO of PanTerra, said, "PanTerra has always led the industry in unified cloud functionality, reliability and security, Streams delivers the future of business communications… today. Users of the service comment on how immediate the benefits of a unified cloud solution are realized through improvement in their work flow and industry analysts were blown away at how much functionality was seamlessly integrated into a simple, easy to use interface."

PanTerra says these improvements come with graphical analytics and reports to give administrators a transparent view into the services a company provides, including Business Intelligence to see how a company is performing in real-time. These features are accessible through an enhanced Admin Portal that supports multiple admin levels and localized admin privileges. These controls also include customer configurations that can be customized on a user by user basis with consistent deployment on a global scale to address compliance. Streams is HIPAA compliant, which is delivered in a highly secure, ultra-reliable, futureproof unified cloud service.

Streams is available now. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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