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Qdos Helps Turn Euro Hotel to Virtual Office

May 09, 2017
By Steve Anderson, Contributing Writer

Business travel is still a major part of the overall travel industry, which means that while hotels must be aware of vacationing travelers' needs for fun and comfort, hotels must also be ready to act as virtual offices. Moxy Hotels—the newest hotel brand in Europe—is out to do just that, thanks to some new communications capability from QDOS Communications.

The new virtual office telecommunications push is designed, at last report, to better interest the millennial traveler, who is commonly seen as a tech-savvy and highly-capable user that needs some sound bandwidth options and communications systems. That's led Moxy to try and better straddle the line between work and play, offering a new version of “...traditional hospitality with lively communal spaces and an energetic crew that helps fun-hunting guests enjoy themselves...”

With the market clearly defined and the needs of the virtual office capability noted, Moxy took a page out of Marriott's book, going for a platform that would meet the “IT Brand Standards” Marriott offered its own guests. It wasn't just necessary to offer powerful communications systems for the guests, either, but also for the staff's internal use in answering calls and handling standard  back-office functions.

This led to QDOS bringing int the Mitel (News - Alert) MiCloud Hospitality system, which lowered the overall complexity of operations by bringing several key functions together while also living up to the high standards used by Marriott hotels. Plus, there's also a lower need for expensive upgrades down the line, and supporting the system is much simpler overall. Since the system draws on SpectraLink 8400 VoWLAN handsets, the system has endpoints sufficient to take advantage of that quality as well. Users therefore get the best in user experience while keeping costs contained and returns fairly predictable.

It's easy to forget that hotels need to not only provide these communications functions to travelers—given how many new advances there have been in streaming video lately, hotels need to have a very potent network lest all those Hulu (News - Alert) viewers in one place end up crashing the network—but also for internal staff operations. Taking calls, making reservations, addressing issues that crop up in everyday operations, running standard reporting processes...all of these things are vital to a hotel's operations, and without the right network to support these, time can be lost or wasted, and efficiency suffers tremendously.

So Moxy has therefore pulled off quite a feat here, being sufficiently forward-looking to establish not only the best in communications functions for guests needing virtual office operations, but also for staff needing similar operations as well. That should make Moxy a popular destination indeed for travelers of all stripes.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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