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Embrace the Virtual Office with Advanced Video Conferencing Solutions

August 10, 2017
By Alicia Young, Web Editor

Conferencing solutions have quickly become a game changer in the business world. Only a few years ago, conferences and meetings had to take place in person. People were limited in their ability to work from anywhere, and businesses could not be entirely global because employees were often required to gather in one conference room. Now, however, times have changed and video conferencing technology allows employees to collaborate easily, no matter where they’re located. The future is in digital, and conferencing is helping us get there.

One company determined to improve video conferencing technology further is Asterisk (News - Alert) Service. Asterisk is a well-known VoIP solutions provider and subsidiary of Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited. The company will now be offering advanced audio and video conferencing solutions in order to help facilitate real time communication between workers, while eliminating the need to spend tons of money on travel.

A spokesperson for Asterisk commented on the need for these advanced conferencing solutions by saying, “Today, amid the growing competition, enterprises have to scatter their teams across various countries and continents to spread their business. As per the statistics, around 95 percent [of] experts believe that face-to-face communication can enhance the quality of communication, and video conferencing is emerging as the most useful tool in addressing the real-time conversation requirement. Our advanced conferencing solutions can help businesses stipulate the requirement of virtual collaboration. At Asterisk Service, we provide customized solutions with useful features in both audio and video conferencing to empower business through establishing a remote communication.”

Krunal Patel, AVP-Sales at Ecosmob, continued on a similar note, stating that Asterisk is the ideal company to create a conferencing solution that can cater to numerous industries. Patel commented, “We have worked with various companies across different industry sectors. We understand the pain of entrepreneurs when a small glitch in communication during a client call ends in losing a deal. Asterisk platform is known for the clarity in voice and our audio conferencing solution assists companies to manage audio conferences. Our advanced video conferencing solution is rich in features and offers a robust functionality together with flawless video collaboration. Companies can train their employees and share important data anytime and anywhere in the world with ease through our advanced solutions.”

With the virtual office becoming more and more popular as time goes on, it sounds like Asterisk’s solution could be just the thing we need. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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