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Telestax Welcomes Four New Global Partners

February 23, 2018
By Mandi Nowitz, Web Editor

Today, Telestax announced four new RestcommONE Marketplace ecosystem members. The four are: FloLIVE of the UK, Gintel (News - Alert) out of Norway, Joors from Sweden, and Sompopo of Honduras. Through this partnership, the four can offer Marketplace apps specifically focused on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). This will all be made possible via one connection to Telestax, in the process of becoming CPaaS enabled.

The RestcommONE Marketplace is a CPaaS ecosystem meshing legacy telecom and Apis (application programming interfaces) with new, ready-to-deploy and real-time ready voice, video, and messaging apps. It was not until this development that MNOs had the access to CPaaS but that is changing with the Marketplace and the addition of the four new partners.

"Traditionally, CPaaS models have been focused on VoIP Service Providers, leaving MNOs to sit on the sidelines," said Michael Brandenburg of Frost and Sullivan. "Telestax's ability to extend the CPaaS opportunity directly to MNOs creates a unique ecosystem that will broaden the adoption of real-time communications while increasing a new pathway to revenue for this unique set of service providers."

What does each company bring to the table? floLIVE is all about the Internet of Things and the global cloud. Gintel offers mobile PBX (News - Alert) capabilities allowing MNOs to be privy to business features on a mobile level. Joors prides itself on impeccable data sponsoring and hi-tech solutions and finally, Sompopo offers a mobile commerce platform. Each one different but very complementary, all the same.

"RestcommONE Marketplace brings a global collection of best of breed partners together to create a very unique opportunity for MNOs," said Kevin Nethercott (News - Alert), Telestax VP worldwide business development for CPaaS Enablement. "The instant an MNO connects to our RestcommONE cloud platform, and become CPaaS enabled, they are generating revenue through our partners that are buying mobile capacity or terminating traffic onto their network."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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