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Making Your Smartphone a Business Essential

February 23, 2018
By Mandi Nowitz, Web Editor

The world is so reliant on mobile technology, performing work tasks on our smartphones has almost become second nature. But, how can these tasks get achieved efficiently, effectively, and with the ultimate positive results? offers some insight into how to do work from your smartphone and succeed.

It is hard enough to keep track of one phone but it might be time to think about juggling two. That is, if you are actively tasking from your smartphone. Some companies know that separating personal and professional is a key business rule so a phone may be provided upon starting a position. If two phones are too much, inquire about two SIM card to enable two numbers from one line.

When setting up your work voicemail, remember that, though this is a smartphone, it is also business. Keep it quick, keep it professional, and always replay it back to ensure there is no inappropriate background noise.

The phone used for work and conferences should be of the highest sound quality. Dropping a call or missing a beat or important note in a call can set you back in business. Upgrade when necessary and always keep in mind the best smartphones for the tasks you do most often.

Have the appropriate apps in place so they can easily be grabbed at the drop of a hat for a client. Avoid fun or unnecessary apps taking up space or data storage. Leave those for your personal phone.

Turn all of your business cards and contacts digital. Yes, you will still need necessary contacts so take a photo and upload them into each vital business contact so you have all of the pertinent information readily available.

Finally, install VoIP software on your smartphone. Though notes this may sound like an odd concept, it connects you to your VoIP network, voicemail access, contacts, etc. Office calls can be transferred to your smartphone if you are often traveling or out on the road. You will never miss a call as they will always be rerouted.

What smartphone business tips will you implement?

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