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Callsign Pairs with Nexmo on Communications Solution

May 31, 2019
By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

APIs are starring in the digital age, serving as the puzzle pieces capable of integrating solutions, adding capabilities and delivering the customizability providers demand. In the cloud era, APIs are critical and one of the most well known providers made waves this week.

Callsign and Nexmo announced a partnership with the result being an enhanced private communications solution for digital life providers, introducing the Vonage (News - Alert) API platform with Callsign’s AI-driven identity and authentication solutions.

“In an increasingly digital world, businesses are looking for ways to connect with customers by engaging with them in deeper, more personal ways, across all channels,” said Omar Javaid, President of Vonage’s API Platform Group.  “Nexmo APIs enhance Callsign’s advanced intelligence API, enabling Callsign to deliver an optimized platform that meets the communications needs of its customers, to help those businesses create exceptional experiences for their customers.”

Callsign is pairing its expertise in trust and authentication with a robust cloud communications platform to support an improved customer service and limiting fraud, delivering digital life providers with the peace of mind only a future-forward solution can offer. In addition, the platform promises compliance – something not to be overlooked.

“Communications between companies and their customers is predicated on trust. But today, spoofed accounts, spearfishing, hacking and other nefarious acts are eroding this trust,” said Ryan Gosling, Head of Partnerships at Callsign. “As consumers we rely on our preferred channels to alert us when things go wrong. As a Nexmo Connect Partner, we have added technology that ensures companies and their customers can communicate securely, keeping trust at the centre of each conversation.”

Are your communications in the cloud, yet?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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