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Virtual Office Solution Provider Makes Booking Office Space Easy

July 23, 2019
By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor

The virtual office is not a new concept, but is building momentum courtesy of a fast growing startup landscape and the innovation driving communications and collaboration regardless of location. For companies taking a strictly virtual approach though, sometimes you need an actual office.

Davinci announced the launch of The virtual office solution provider is enabling customers to easily reserve workspace and meeting rooms via mobile-friendly design and a user friendly booking experience.

Based in Salt lake City, Utah, Davinci boasts an international presence with more than 5,000 rentable workspaces around the globe. Whether it’s for a few hours or a few days, booking one of Davinci’s fully equipped workspaces is simply a few clicks away.

In addition to its workspaces and meeting rooms, Davinci also provides live receptionist services and virtual office solutions to businesses in Australia, Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, Canada and the United States supporting some 50,000 entrepreneurs and companies in its footprint.

"It is always very exciting to launch a new website. Davinci definitely takes great pride in our online presence, and we focus on providing a fast and seamless user experience on any device," said Martin Senn, CEO of Davinci. "Simply go to and see for yourself," Senn added.

The digital age is enabling firms to work as they see fit. The freedom of the virtual office supports a lean, modern, more Montessori approach to business, cutting cost and liberating the workforce in the meantime.

Does your organization have any virtual team members?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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