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Apiology Focused on Moving API Economy Forward

July 26, 2019
By Stefania Viscusi

Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) have become important for businesses of all sizes today. With APIs, it’s possible for companies to grow, improve customer experiences and achieve new levels of innovation.

How it Works

Using APIs, different platforms, apps, and systems can all connect and share data. This communication is typically used to initiate tasks or processes and makes it possible for other developers, platforms and providers to use them seamlessly.

Apiology is Born

In a move that is focused on helping to push the API economy forward, a new company has been formed. Named “Apiology,” the business got its start at APIdays worldwide events which are focused exclusively on APIs. Most notably, the recent Amsterdam events which have focused on communications advancements with APIs and have been received with much success.

The joint venture between White Rabbit, Ottspott and APIdays is focused on allowing companies to understand and move forward with the many uses for APIs.

APIs For Improved Customer Experiences

The main goal, according to the team, is to provide CSPs, enterprises, telcos and CPaaS providers with a way to work together on further development of APIs to push the market forward. The new offering will deliver guidance, business development support and help with go-to-market strategies as well as assist with delivering more events for the market.

As big shifts are happening in the communications space today, and in particular, how companies are communicating with customers and delivering exceptional care, there is a giant opportunity present for those that are willing to adapt.

The use of CPaaS, programmable telecoms, and APIs means the telecom industry can push forward and offer the next-gen solutions businesses need to survive in today’s competitive landscape.

Rob Kurver, CEO of Apiology and Managing Partner of White Rabbit said, “I believe that with today’s widespread availability of connectivity, computing power and advanced personal devices, we owe it to ourselves to put people first again. Optimal customer experience, new business models, but also solving our society’s real challenges by combining the strengths of corporate and innovators in new ecosystems. With Apiology, we think we can make a difference.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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