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DMG Consulting Names Verint Leader in Workforce Optimization

June 16, 2017

By Frank Griffin,
Contributing Writer

The number of technologies available to both consumers and businesses has introduced new levels of interaction. In the past a phone call was used by the customer to contact the business or vice versa. But today, this can be achieved with email, SMS, chat and video conferencing. All of these touch points are also being used in conjunction with social media networks and websites for further engagement. While this presents great opportunities for businesses, managing and optimizing them to improve customer interactions and employee performance is a big ask. Fortunately, workforce optimization (WFO) addresses all of these matters, and Verint has been name a global leader in the segment by DMG Consulting in its 2017 Contact Center Workforce Optimization (WFO) Market Share Report.

In reaching its conclusion, the DMG report first analyzed the performance of the top vendors in the segment and marketplace by highlighting industry trends, innovation and investments each organization was making.

In the report, DMG recognized Verint (News - Alert) as leader in several WFO categories, including total company GAAP revenue and market share for all WFO-related categories; leadership positions in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest-of-World; cloud market; and license/software revenue and market share to name a few.

"This new research from DMG Consulting proves our ability to respond to market needs in innovative ways, especially when it comes to meeting the demand for workforce optimization and employee engagement tools in the contact center and beyond,"said Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager, strategic operations, Verint.

Workforce optimization drives workforce and operational efficiency in many different areas of the business with the goal of delivering better customer service through performance and productivity management of employees.

According to Verint, "Regardless of the size of your business, you need to be able to drive workforce and operational efficiency, take advantage of analytics and advanced processes, and share intelligence with other areas of the enterprise." The company has developed technologies with advanced automation to optimize the workforce of organizations by analyzing processes with intelligence and real-time across a business so it can be implemented by decision-makers.

The Verint workforce optimization platform gathers and analyzes interactions of employees in back-office and branch operations, contact centers, financial trading rooms and others to determine availability and performance. Its WFO has a suite of software and services to make this possible, including intelligent recording, desktop and process analytics, robotic process automation, coaching and learning, analytics driven quality management and more.

These tools are presented in a single user interface with integration and workflow between all of the functions with embedded analytics to make fast and more informed decisions. However, Verint says each solution stands as best-of-breed and comes with out-of-the-box APIs so it can be integrated into existing systems organizations might have in place individually or as a whole.

Edited by Maurice Nagle