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Noble Systems Showcasing Customer Experience Technology at Call Center Week 2017

June 23, 2017

By Michael Guta,
Contributing Writer

The way companies interact with their customers is now being measured by the entire journey, which can begin by a visit to a website or a phone call, and end with a purchase, support and long term retention. The customer experience (CX) defines this process, and companies are deploying technologies to capture each interaction and improve the level of engagement to deliver the best possible service. Noble Systems Corporation is going to be showcasing its CX and patented contact management technologies, Noble Composer Multi-session Agent Desktop, at Call Center Week 2017 to highlight these features.

Call Center Week 2017 Conference and Expo is going to be held in Las Vegas on June 28 and 29 to promote the latest developments in customer engagement, including the customer experience.

Noble Systems (News - Alert) develops technologies for the customer communications industry with contact center, workforce engagement and analytics solutions that have produced more than 120 patents. The unified suite of inbound, outbound and blended omni-channel communications, strategy planning, and resource management tools are delivered on premises, cloud and hybrid platforms. This includes Noble Composer Multi-session Agent Desktop.

Noble Composer Agent desktop has tools and workflows to bring together multi-channel touchpoints so agents can interact with callers efficiently and make them more productive. Contact centers, enterprises and developers can use the scripting feature to build sophisticated agent screens and unify desktop environments.

The ability to build applications allows organizations to create solutions for addressing their specific needs without having to be limited or pay for propriety software. The toolsets in Composer Agent include: graphical desktop design; unified multi-channel agent desktops; multisession agent assignments; embedded customer data scripts; and personal contact manager.

Additional toolsets provide detailed functionalities such as on-the-fly script and workflow adjustments, built-in script testing tools, graphical database and lookup table Creator with data import/export utility, and more.

These toolsets can be used to create a wide range of applications so agents and managers can have the applications they need at their disposal on their desktops. Agent simulation and training, as well as real-time statistical feedback with agent reports and agent manager chats can be integrated with recording features for quality assurance, performance and better customer experience.

Composer Agent can unify agent desktops and make multiple data points accessible with emulation and integration tools, including optional 3270/5250/VT100 emulation, custom dlls, executables, OCX, ActiveX, .Net development environments, and more. External applications can also be integrated for launching webpages, receive screen pops from databases, automatically transfer to other applications, and creating easy to use and familiar user interfaces.

Edited by Maurice Nagle