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October 16, 2015

Snom Shows Off New D765 Desk Phone

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


Picking the right desk phone to work with session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking can be a difficult task, owing in large part to the sheer numbers of such devices out there. Snom is out to make that choice just a little easier—or perhaps a little tougher—with its new D765 desk phone.

The D765 is specifically designed for offices that may have multiple audio devices working at once. It can thus support wireless headsets with a Bluetooth connection and offer both USB and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity. It offers support for both IP v4 and v6 stacks, and routes its data transfer through an included HTTP (S) server, using both transport layer security (TLS) and SIPS secure real-time transport protocol (SRTP) as a protection method for the transmissions, helping keep those conversations secure.

The phone itself comes with a host of handy options, including support for as many as 12 SIP user accounts at the same time. Custom authentication tools built directly into the system allow for better security—matching those earlier-discussed transmission protection tools as well, providing an extra layer of security—and the phone also boasts a high-resolution color display with a built-in XML browser for better ease of use.

Snom has already shown the device off to viewers, taking it to the CeBit 2015 event back in March, and now the device is available on a wider basis. Nadahl Shocair, SEO Snom Technology AG, commented, “Snom’s German engineering is globally renowned for robust, high-quality and feature-rich business telephones that address the concerns and requirements of businesses. Fraudulent activity on company telephone networks is costly and on the increase. These latest handsets are designed to meet the requirements of security conscious business professionals.”

VoIP fraud is a major concern for businesses these days, as Shocair noticed, and the Snom D765 certainly offers its share of protective measures against unauthorized use and eavesdropping. That's going to prove a valuable new feature for businesses that need to traffic in a lot of proprietary information and want to keep it out of others' hands. Not everyone needs the level of security that Snom provides, but it’s aw\ good idea to have it, regardless.

The Snom D765 looks like a quality desk phone for those who put SIP trunking to use. As such, it should deliver a positive experience and give Snom that little extra bit of name recognition in the field, potentially making further sales easier down the line. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere