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October 21, 2015

How Phone System Can Help Organizations Improve Customer Satisfaction

By Special Guest
Sheza Gary


There are many amazing innovations that can be enjoyed which not only benefit your business as a whole, but that can improve your overall profit and performance. The primary way your customers will contact you when they have a question and need to speak with someone about their problems is to pick up the phone and call. Long before they ever speak to a representative they can form an opinion of you and your business, all based on your automated phone system and how well or how poorly it is set up. So consider these important aspects as you look towards improvements you can make in the New Year ahead. See how your business can benefit from an auto attendant phone system and what it can do to improve your business' future!

Get Personal with Your Customers As Much As Possible

When a customer or client calls your company’s main phone line you are not going to know who exactly they are at first, but you will get an idea of what they are calling about. Automated systems can give callers a choice of what department they want to talk to- hours, billing, shipping, customer service, or any other department. By thinking about how your customers and clients use your services and how they look at your company you can better figure out the best options to give them. Long lists of almost endless options are just as bad for customer service as not giving them choices at all. You need to find a way to get personal with your customers and find out what it is they need help with and what department would best serve their needs. Few things will annoy customers more than being shuffled from one department to another as you try to find out who can best help them with their problems or concerns. If your business will be closed for holidays or for any length of time, be sure any calls that come through during that time receive a message that reassures them that  their call and their business is important and that they will receive a call from a customer service representative as soon as they get back from the break. Little features like this is what makes business auto attendant phone systems so important for business growth.

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Be Smart With Music and Announcements During Hold Times

One of the main complaints customers have about being on hold, other than the wait time, is the annoying music and audio they are forced to listen to. There is a good side to these announcements and music as they let your caller know they are still on the line and can also be used to impart valuable information while they wait. However, you must be smart about how you use it. Keep music subtle and ensure it properly reflects your company’s image. Try to choose simple tunes as some music gets distorted when heard over the phone and be very mindful of volume as music can also sound much louder when amplified over the phone.  It is also a good idea to use audio files that have already been developed specifically for phone automated services – something many new systems have the option for. If you decide to record your own messages for playback during hold time, make sure the information is relevant and that the speaker uses a clear, calm, even voice. Things commonly mentioned in these voice messages include date and time of business operation, contact information, and answers to common questions. On-hold recordings can be a great way to get and maintain the attention of potential customers since they really have no choice but to listen as they wait for a representative. Some common ways businesses use their business auto attendant phone system includes:

  • Share the information on current sales, specials, and hot items or services
  • Tell about add-ons and discounts the customer can ask for
  • Share reviews and testimonials from other customers during the on hold waiting
  • Create a specialized holiday message or a unique message on a regular basis

Customers Need an Opt-Out Option While On Hold

Sheza Gary, Author

Making customers wait on hold as they listen to long lists of choice after choice,  only to be given the option to press 0 for more options is another major frustration customers have about being on hold and using an automated calling system. Sometimes callers may not understand how their need fits into the choices or they may have an issue that needs personal intervention. Giving callers the option to skip the list and go right to a customer service rep is a great option to include as you set up your automated system. Your customer service skills will show and will also impress when you allow customers to reach a “real” person whenever they need.

When your customers have a question, problem, or concern they will pick up the phone and call you. Long before they ever speak to a representative their opinion of your business can be well established, depending on how poor or how good your automated phone system is set up and how good your service is. Take these steps and ensure that your customers and your teammates by using business auto attendant phone systems in your customer service call department.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere