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October 21, 2015

Samsung's New SMT-i6000 Series Deskphones Offer Powerful Features & Mobility

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


When it comes to session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, software is really just half the battle. Hardware is also a major consideration, and selecting which device to connect the office can be a chance to be a hero or make a mistake that echoes throughout the business. Samsung (News - Alert) wants to make that call easier for users with the SMT-i6000 series, Wi-Fi-powered devices that offer not only great features, but great mobility too.

The SMT-i6000 series—made up of the SMT-i6011 and the SMT-i6021—runs on a Wi-Fi connection, which not only makes it flexible in the office, but flexible outside of the office too. Both devices are set to work with Samsung Galaxy phones, but also with an array of Android (News - Alert) devices, as well as the much smaller pool of iOS devices, to make it easy to take calls whether in the office or out.

Setup is said to be quite simple, as it's largely wireless and can thus be readily mounted to a wall or left on a desk. Making calls can be as easy as finding the number on a smartphone, and then with just one click, transferring the call to the desk phone. But for those on a desk phone call who need to leave, the reverse is just as available, as a call can be handily moved from desk phone to mobile device. But no matter what platform is used, the included HD Voice system means that the call is always clear. There are even Smart Caller ID notifications to let the user know who's calling at a glance, and some further customization options make sure the device is as comfortable to use as it is easy.

John D'Annunzio, who serves as Samsung's general manager for wireless enterprise, commented, “When used in conjunction with a mobile device, there are many scenarios where a wire-free desk phone can increase employee satisfaction and optimize office operations making it the best tool for the job. Businesses can easily install and take full advantage of the full-range of i6000 series IP desk phones without investing in expensive cabling.”

Versatility seems to be the watchword with the i6000 lineup, and it shows with the feature set. Not only are there enough features to make the desktop users happy, there are also plenty of features that make those who need to go mobile happy. The ready switching between desktop and mobile should also be welcome, and the ease of installation makes it perfect for smaller offices that may be just getting started with SIP trunking and similar operations. That's valuable, and should be reflected in the sales numbers as companies make the move to a more mobile workforce.

Whether it's for a workforce that largely stays in the office or goes mobile, a small one or a large one, Samsung may just have the solution here that works well on a variety of fronts. Versatility is the order of the day here, and Samsung's i6000 lineup should be just what's called for to help businesses stay connected. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere