From the SIP Trunking Experts

October 24, 2015

SIP Trunking Week in Review: AtHoc, Warble, Eze Castle

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


It's been another landmark week for session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, and with that means a whole lot of news. Now that we've got a weekend on hand, it's a great time to take that all-important step back and consider the events of the wider week. So settle in, because it's time for another round of our Week in Review coverage!

First, the AtHoc secure crisis communications system found a place in the St. Louis County Emergency Management operations. With the one-year anniversary of the events of Ferguson, Missouri taking place back in August, it provided a little extra impetus to step up operations and make the system stronger as a result. With AtHoc, users get access to a complete mass notification system that can take advantage of most every communication method around, from phone and computers to social media.

Next, we looked at how phone systems could improve customer satisfaction. With so many eager to make a better customer experience and improve the chances of return business, turning to better phone systems is an idea not often considered. But with a phone system able to offer call center staffers information about the client, as well as on-hold options--including the option to not hold at all and instead get a call back later--the phone system is a great place to improve customer experience.

Warble stepped in next, and with it offered something we don't often see in SIP trunking: anonymity. Described as "a kind of Tor for voice communications," Warble lets users send calls that are not only anonymous, but also encrypted. Created by a pair of Dutch telecom entrepreneurs, the Warble system provides easy access to high-end security protections, making it possible to actually conduct conversations without outside listeners.

Image via Shutterstock

Then, Eze Castle stepped in with its new Eze Voice service, a VoIP system available for use in the U.K. This isn't the company's first development, as it's previously had a hand in the Eze Private Cloud for rapid connection across several locations in the United States as well as the Eze Castle Integration (News - Alert) system. But Eze Voice joins an array of services designed to give mostly hedge fund users access to ready communications regardless of location, making business continuity and disaster planning much easier.

Finally, Allstream brought out a new SIP trunking system with an eye on businesses between 100 and 400 total users. The new Allstream system is designed to condense the need for multiple phone lines into one simple IP connection, and in some cases, it's possible to save 40 percent on telecommunications costs with the new system. Since Allstream operates its own fiber network in Canada stretching over 18,600 miles total, reaching 1,000 exchanges, the company clearly has the necessary reach to get the job done and bring the savings in accordingly.

That was the week that was in SIP trunking, and man, what a week it was. With security protections on one side and customer service on the other, it was clear our global online community was doing brisk business in bringing it all back here for us. So be sure to see us next week for all the latest news in this sector, and every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!