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October 26, 2015

BroadSoft Picks Up the Tempo, Aggregates Communications with UC-One Hub

By Paula Bernier
Executive Editor, TMC


BroadSoft (News - Alert) today unveiled a cloud service that enables business users to manage all their different modes of communications and various popular apps – all via a single pane of glass. That will, for example, allow me to see the LinkedIn (News - Alert) profiles of the people I’m communicating with at any moment, so I don’t have to take the extra step of logging into LinkedIn to get that information.

The effort by BroadSoft to bring everything together is called Project Tempo, and its UC-One Hub cloud service ­– which brings together popular apps with communications and offers contextual intelligence – is the first deliverable of the effort. A beta of UC-One Hub is slated to become available in the first quarter of next year, and will initially run on BroadSoft’s UC-One Communicator using Google Chrome, and feature off-the-shelf integrations with Concur, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, Redbooth, and Twitter (News - Alert). The company expects to add integrations for LinkedIn, Salesforce, and other popular over-the-top applications in the near future.

With UC-ONE Hub, BroadSoft CMO Taher Behbehani told me in an interview last week: “If you want to work, you go to this one place. You start your day there, and you end your day there.”

UC-One Hub and Project Tempo are being delivered in response to BroadSoft’s service provider customers’ as well as enterprise customers’ stated desire to solve the problem of fragmentation in the communications and collaboration space, added Behbehani, saying no one wants to have to download and log into 22 apps to do their jobs. 

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BroadSoft’s go to market is via public network operators; in fact, its software is used today by 26 of the top 30 global service providers to deliver UC capabilities to their business customers. UC-One Hub and Project Tempo are being offered as a “bolt-on” solution to the company’s existing offers, said Behbehani, adding that allows service providers to leverage their existing investments in BroadSoft solutions and take them to the next level.

CEO Michael Tessler commented: “We believe that Project Tempo is an innovative initiative that extends BroadSoft’s position as a UCaaS global market leader, creates new revenue sources for service providers, and meets the communications and collaboration needs of the emerging millennial workforce majority.”

While service providers will continue to be BroadSoft’s dominant channel going forward, Behbehani said that the company’s brand will become more prominent in these relationships, and mentioned the idea of cobranding. BroadSoft is also exploring going to market with a freemium model “to make this more viral,” adding that the company’s new solutions will be very scalable, so they can address the needs of the smallest business to the largest enterprise.

BroadSoft’s established position with the service providers is definitely its strong suit. And with this new strategy, Behbehani noted, BroadSoft will help better position its service providers for success in the future as the over-the-top threat continues to mount. 

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere