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October 27, 2015

PROMISE Rolls Out FileCruiser 2.0

By Oliver VanDervoort
Contributing Writer


PROMISE Technology rolled out its file synchronization platform known as FileCruiser last year about this time. Now the company has announced version 2.0 of this platform, and is offering a 90-day free trial to US companies interested in trying the secure on-premises storage solution.

The original FileCruiser was launched as an all-in-one private cloud storage solution for enterprises and SMBs alike. The first product offered a combination of hardware and software, while version 2.0 is only a software-based solution.

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PROMISE believes that this software-only option means that companies are now able to be more flexible, especially when using file synchronization software. Flexibility is just one of the new platform’s benefits. The company says there is also better security thanks to military grade protocols and system configuration.

"Many, if not most, of today's workers have more than one mobile device - and want anytime, anywhere access of their work files," Ken Dai, chief strategy officer for PROMISE Technology said in a recent statement. "However, we know that in a business setting, security is a top concern. FileCruiser helps businesses better connect, communicate and collaborate -- while offering enterprise level security in a private cloud setting.”

Among the features being offered by FileCruiser 2.0 is the ability to quickly and easily share files via links that have password protection. These links also have an expiry date, just in case someone wants to try and look at an old link after they had some time to crack the code. The enhanced security features also include the ability to remotely wipe FileCruiser data from lost or stolen devices. There is also the ability to revert and recover previous versions of files, just in case something happens to files that have been put on the FileCruiser platform.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere