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October 29, 2015

VeloCloud Gains Validation of WAN with BroadSoft UC

By Casey Houser
Contributing Writer


VeloCloud, provider of the cloud-based wide area network (WAN) service SD-WAN, recently announced that its SD-WAN service has been validated to work with the BroadSoft (News - Alert) unified communications (UC) software.

For VeloCloud, this validation means that it can now sell its own service to business clients with the assurance that it will work well with one of the prominent UC products on the market. It will allow businesses to build their own communications platforms with BroadSoft while turning to VeloCloud for all their networking needs. Working together, each system can make the other perform reliably and future-proof clients in their operations as they expand.

Steve Woo, the vice president of products at VeloCloud, commented that the validation can help businesses modernize their infrastructures and can assist his own company in securing future clients.

“We are excited to strengthen the integration of our solution with the BroadSoft platform,” Woo said. “BroadSoft is a leading communications platform for service providers and the validation makes it easier for service providers to leverage SD-WAN to further modernize communication offerings and expand revenue opportunities.”

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The pair is currently showing off their joint capabilities at trade shows, in order to impress those in attendance. VeloCloud is calling its demonstrations a “first-of-their-kind” because of the reliability and performance of the UC tools that ride on the business-wide network.

The nature of WANs is such that it can connect a series of local area networks. As businesses expand to multiple locations, they may have started with one local network at a single branch but then found hardship when adopting a second network at the additional work center. With a software-define WAN, they can allow all devices on the company network, regardless of location, to tap into the same set of files and applications that exist in remote servers.

This is what VeloCloud brings to the table. And now, it can attach the promise of reliable communications tools that play well with the existing cloud-based network. For enterprises, this capability can result in an ease of use that was not previously possible. Although these products are still jointly-owned and operated, they should work together as if they were a single unit. All business officials look to simplify their operations, and joining essential products is one way of making that a reality.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere