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October 30, 2015

TelcoBridges Revives VoIP with Tmedia TMG800

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) is providing a host of new opportunities to the market, offering a better, cheaper way to keep in touch regardless of location. While some businesses look to exit the market, TelcoBridges (News - Alert) is showing off its commitment to that market with the release of its new VoIP gateway, the Tmedia TMG800.

The Tmedia TMG800 offers a session border controller (SBC), meaning that it acts as a bridge between standard VoIP gateway operations to a full SBC without needing to swap out hardware. With the SBC options on hand, users get access to a variety of protections against some potent business-stopping terrors, including denial of service (DoS) and distributed denial of service (DDoS) as well as some more general firewall options.

Good by itself, but the TMG800 carries on from there. It boasts twice the capacity of its predecessor and can be upgraded at the software level to give the system more longevity. It has a modular design for scalability, along with active thermal management to better preserve system operations. It even comes with several Gigabit Ethernet ports and traffic segmentation tools to make it a better SBC.

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TelcoBridges releases this product at an unusual time in the market, according to its CEO Gaetan Campeau (News - Alert). Campeau noted that other vendors were commonly exiting the market on gateway products, declaring many of these at “end-of-life” status. But TelcoBridges' alternative wasn't just a great VoIP gateway, but rather a product that would supply 15 years, even possibly more, of useful life thanks to its ability to not only handle what's needed now, but to step up and handle what's needed tomorrow.

While it's possible for a device, or an app, to do too much—a recent Capriza study puts “app complexity” as a major concern—it's hard to have that objection here. It's not only handling a function that many businesses use and progressively fewer vendors will handle, but it's also setting up the groundwork for future functionality. It may put a damper on future sales—when something works for 15 years, it's not a good bet a new one will be bought in that time—but it does draw attention, and make buyers more receptive to the rest of the product line.

It's all about value, as the song said, and TelcoBridges seems eager to provide that value with the Tmedia TMG800. If it works the way TelcoBridges likely hopes it will, it will lead to TelcoBridges providing that value today and 15 years from now as well.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere