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November 10, 2015

Patton & MetaSwitch Networks Combine, Improve Service Provider Outlook

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


The new combination of MetaSwitch (News - Alert) and Patton Electronics is about to deliver a great new solution for service providers and their customers. The effort brings together Patton (News - Alert)'s SmartNode VoIP CPE with MetaSwitch's MetaSphere's IP telephony software, creating a new solution that will give service providers the leg up in the market.

Patton's SmartNode VoIP system was already well-known in the field for its extensive interoperability. Now combined with MetaSwitch, the two will provide a means for service providers to bring MetaSphere to customers that either don't want to or aren't able to change from current IP-based phone systems, or even from traditional ones.

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Additionally, since the system runs on the strength of Patton's SmartNode session border controller (SBC) systems, scalability will be a cinch. Businesses that put the combined Patton/MetaSphere solution to use will be able to upgrade as needed, without having to bring in a lot of extra equipment. SmartNode enterprise session border routers (ESBRs) can work with a variety of standard telephony interfaces for legacy devices, ranging from primary rate interface (PRI) to foreign exchange office (FXO) interfaces. The scalability allows for as few as two users on the system all the way up to 512, covering the waterfront for most small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as well as some enterprise-level users.

It might seem like Patton's just collecting interoperability scalps at this point, especially given that Patton is now interoperable with the BroadSoft (News - Alert) BroadWorks line of IP communications material as well. Patton can offer systems that fit almost anywhere, a development that will give not only service providers but also businesses in general reason to sit up and take notice.  Between the number of systems that Patton will work with and the number of services it can provide in turn—including voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and the like—it's going to be a huge help for many businesses.

Patton's latest interoperability stroke may seem like business as usual, but for a company that works with a huge portion of communications landscapes, its interoperability with MetaSwitch's MetaSphere should prove a welcome addition to the lineup.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere