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November 16, 2015

Integrating the Old with the New in Digital Communications

By Michelle Amodio
TMCnet Contributor


In the wide-open technology landscape, switching to a digital telephony system is slowly becoming the norm. Despite the technological advancements made in IP, there are still many businesses whose systems still rely on legacy analog systems.  

On the consumer side of things, stats show that people are moving towards a more digital lifestyle. Phone (News - Alert) lines in the U.S. have decreased almost 30 percent within a four year period. The reason for the ditch is customers are moving towards IP systems or relying on their mobile phone providers for service.

For businesses, switching to an IP-based communications system is not without its merits. IP telephony technology offers a myriad of significant cost and performance benefits over maintaining a separate network for voice, video, and data. One of the key benefits of IP telephony is enhanced productivity, since it offers a host of applications and devices, enabling employees to carry out their tasks more effectively and efficiently.

IP telephony enables features like integrated Web and audio conferencing. Converged applications such as UC can take advantage of VoIP and enable companies to not only increase revenue and decrease costs, but enhance productivity and improve customer service.

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Companies like ITS, Inc. are in the business of integration. 25 years ago, the telephony industry was vastly different, but ITS was at the forefront of business telephony, helping businesses consolidate their long distance services with local services. With digital taking over analog services, ITS has evolved to offer more modern-day solutions, like routers, servers, VoIP systems, and cloud-integrated solutions.

Today’s businesses need integrated solutions to connect workforces; digital systems provide smooth integration with e-mail programs, or with other office and other applications allows users to do more things in more ways than before. The mobile workforce can stay connected to their home offices, making it seem as if they never left their physical desks. Messaging has become more efficient, and portability has never been easier.

ITS is able to help companies turn their legacy systems into ones that provide the latest communications solutions.

Hear what Sharon Woods of ITS had to say about ITS’ history and the future of digital communications at this year’s ITEXPO Anaheim:

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