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November 18, 2015

Solution Access Comes Easier with VoIP Supply's CloudSpan Marketplace

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


Convenience drives a lot of our lives. We eat fast food because it's simpler than cooking, we go to big box stores to avoid trips to multiple local shops, and a host of other examples come readily to mind. Convenience can drive business decisions too, and VoIP Supply is likely hoping to take advantage of that with the new CloudSpan Marketplace system.

The new CloudSpan Marketplace will bring in an array of new solutions for potential users, thanks to a series of new connections with several VoIP cloud service providers. These service providers have joined the ranks of CloudSpan Marketplace partners, and were hand-picked on the strength of overall offerings and business practices. VoIP Supply even gave some credence to overall corporate culture, looking for partners that were already trusted in the field.

CloudSpan Marketplace offers both on-site session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking services, as well as hosted services, giving businesses the option of whether or not to keep the necessary infrastructure to run such services on site, or instead go through a hosted provider at a set fee. Both approaches have drawbacks and advantages, so for CloudSpan Marketplace to offer access to both shows a clear commitment to overall versatility.

Plus, a set of solution consultants are also on hand for those unsure of which approach to ultimately take. Said consultants can provide information about features, about certain potentially-confusing technical definitions, and several other facets of the sector that could be a bit much to understand readily. When a decision has been made about what breed of service to go with, VoIP Supply can then come in with accompanying hardware to help drive the system's use forward.

This is a plan that should work quite well for VoIP Supply and its partner roster. Not only do the partners benefit by having access to VoIP Supply's network of clearly interested customers, but VoIP Supply itself can enhance its reputation by being a one-stop shop for all things VoIP. Better reputations often mean better word-of-mouth, and from there, better overall sales as companies spread the word about this place where a company can get everything needed to set up a full SIP trunking operation. Just to top it off, the customers benefit from improved convenience, from a more reasoned approach that produces better results, and an improved customer experience.

CloudSpan Marketplace should provide a lot of advantage for its users, and VoIP Supply and its partner should reap, accordingly, great benefit from such a strategy. There's usually an advantage in providing convenience, and when coupled with versatility and customer education, the end result is usually positive.

Edited by Maurice Nagle