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November 30, 2015

TelOnline, RingVoz Get Together for Powerful New VoIP Tool

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) service has been a powerful new tool for business users—and plenty of regular consumers—for years now. This maturing market means plenty of new competition and increasing options for users. TelOnline (News - Alert) and RingVoz recently got together to pioneer a tool for the small and medium-sized business (SMB) users looking for VoIP tools, which could give these two firms an edge in the market.

Combine TelOnline's background in VoIP business phone systems with RingVoz's background as a telecom carrier and the end result is a slate of new VoIP telephony bundles. Four such bundles were produced from this union, each with a different focus. Bundles are available with a focus on hosted private branch exchange (PBX (News - Alert)), which puts most of the tools in the cloud, or as an on-premises system, where the equipment is put in play within the client's own operation.

All the available bundles will be marketed under RingVoz's banner, and TelOnline is set to provide a set of IP phones in aid of the project. Both companies are set to provide support, and the packages should include everything companies need to get started with VoIP. All the bundles can include fax over IP systems, as well as a direct inward dial (DID) telephone number and several levels of configuration for the interactive voice response (IVR) system that's included.

RingVoz's chief operations officer, Ivan Penalosa, regards the packages as an industry first, noting that they represent “...a unique offering in this competitive market.” That's a point assented to by TelOnline's CEO Juan Carlos Castaneda, who notes that the packages will offer not only top phones, but also several useful tools like the Asterisk (News - Alert) PBX system.

Image via Pixabay

While the bundles are certainly a development to pay attention to, what really stands out is the level of service the bundles will receive. With two companies' worth of support, it's safe to suggest that those who purchase a bundle should have an excellent customer experience.  Throw in some great versatility here with both hosted and on-premises systems available and the combined effort makes quite a step.

With the onus so clearly on the provider, having the higher-end customer experience becomes vital to ensure customers stay customers, and don't start telling others about bad experiences that keep new potential customers away. TelOnline and RingVoz seem ready for this challenge, however, and may be able to keep everything running five-nines strong for the SMB market.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere