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December 02, 2015

DataDrill Upgrades to iDirect Evolution 3.3 Network Management

By Casey Houser
Contributing Writer


DataDrill Communications, a provider of information technology and communications services, currently works throughout Canada to serve the oil and gas industry. It has hopes to expand its operation but will require improved network performance to meet those needs. This is where its upgrade to the VT iDirect (News - Alert) software, iDirect Evolution 3.3, will assist in that process.

iDirect offers a satellite-based IP communications software that gives businesses the ability to offer services such as voice, video, and data sharing from any location on the globe. It will be essential to DataDrill’s expansion in Canada and other countries by giving DataDrill use of adaptive time division multiple access (ATDMA) for handling network terminals. ATDMA can increase the amount of throughput and improve availability of the overall DataDrill network.

Image via Pixabay

Dario Facca, the president of DataDrill, commented on the demand his company experiences and the benefits his clients will receive as a result of this upgrade.

“Customers in oil and gas increasingly require high-speed, bandwidth-intensive applications to run their operations,” Facca said. “With our upgrade to the latest version of iDirect Evolution we can ensure optimal performance of the network at all times, and our customers have access to the latest set of features that allow them to make the most of the applications they are running.”

The software upgrade also comes with the deployment of new network remotes, the X7 model. These remotes will also contribute to network performance by handling communications signals in a more efficient manner.

All these improvements will go toward DataDrill’s current activity in oil and gas and its future plans to become active in emergency response, government, and mining industries. With that sort of industry spread, it will need to be prepared for a number different types of client demands. No client will offer the same challenges, but each will depend on high-speed networks, and that is what iDirect can deliver.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere