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December 03, 2015

Wave Introduces Hosted Voice, a Cloud-Based Business Phone System

By Brian Carey
Contributing Writer


Wave Broadband recently released a new cloud-based phone system that replaces old-school PBX (News - Alert) switches. It runs at a fraction of the cost of legacy telephone systems while offering the benefits of being powered by Wave’s fiber network.

The new system, called Hosted Voice, offers businesses the best of both worlds: scalability and cost effectiveness. It’s scalable because it uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It’s cost effective because it eliminates the need to maintain traditional telephone hardware equipment and requires a low initial investment.

Businesses start by paying a flat fee for the service. As they grow, they can simply add new users.

Harold Zeitz is the president and COO of Wave. He says that Hosted Voice complements the company’s existing services.

“For businesses, the promise of the cloud lies in making core processes both more efficient and affordable than before,” he says. “As a cloud-based phone platform, Hosted Voice delivers on this promise and is a great addition to our already robust portfolio of commercial Internet and data services.”

Image via Pixabay

The company website advertises the new service as follows: “Wave Hosted Voice delivers greater flexibility and functionality than traditional phone service. Instead of purchasing and managing expensive PBX equipment, Wave provides that same functionality in a hosted service at incredible savings.”

Wave also says that business customers can add new features to their Hosted Voice systems without the burden of hardware installations or upgrades thanks to the system’s cloud-based architecture.

Hosted Voice also supports mobile technology. Business employees can connect their personal mobile devices to the service and use it for professional communications.

Administration is handled via a web-based app. That gives administrators the advantage of performing routine configuration tasks remotely.

Mark Luster is the president of the Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce in California. He gives Wave high marks on the roll-out process for his organization.

“Our experience with Wave has been exceptional from our sales rep to the installation team and support techs,” he says. “We are excited to have the new Hosted Voice system in place. And our installation was handled with care, guidance, and instruction which made the transition seamless.”

Wave Broadband describes itself as “a leading provider of business-class broadband services on the West Coast.” The company also says that it offers a “true gigabyte network” with “some of the fastest internet speeds in the country.”

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere