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December 30, 2015

OneStream Networks Announces New Compliance with ShoreTel

By Steve Anderson
Contributing Writer


OneStream Networks has announced that its session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking service is now compliant with ShoreTel (News - Alert)'s line of phone systems and unified communications (UC) tools.

The combination of the two services should prove quite potent. OneStream's service, for example, allows for a simplified adoption of toll-free, local number service, and public switched telephone network (PSTN) operations. This makes for reduced costs—welcome in pretty much any business—and an easier way to manage development and rollout of UC and phone services alike. OneStream's service has already worked quite well in over 8,000 cities across 65 countries worldwide, so those looking for a tested means to accomplish UC goals will want to check into this.

ShoreTel's testing, meanwhile, makes OneStream compliant with Release 14.2, and the completed testing has cleared the way for OneStream to join ShoreTel's Innovation Network. With such access, OneStream can consult with other members on future developments and bring out even better developments down the line. ShoreTel's director of Innovation Network programs, Shannon Graham, welcomed OneStream with clearly open arms, noting that “...service providers such as OneStream Networks help ShoreTel customers optimize the value of their investment with us.”

OneStream's CMO, Brian Skidmore, offered some comment on the new compliance, noting that customers worldwide will be able to better connect with others, while at the same time dropping costs substantially. Skidmore noted that reductions between 20 and 50 percent were on the table thanks to a new integration between ShoreTel systems and the OneStream global network.

Indeed, it's always valuable to find new connections like that, and generally, for all concerned. ShoreTel customers get access to a new network, and one that may be better represented in a particular area. OneStream customers get access to new infrastructure possibilities, and both companies' customers get access to potential new markets that weren't already on hand. Plus, both sides get a boost from better market perception, as the companies benefit from an improved perception of versatility as well as whatever developments emerge from the Innovation Network connection. That makes the two look more valuable to current and potential customers alike, and improves the likelihood that current customers will stick around, and potential new customers may step in.

The new connection between ShoreTel and OneStream isn't exactly a close one, but it's still a connection that should prove beneficial on several fronts. It's hard to call such an outcome a bad move, so it looks like the two companies should prove winners out of this.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere